Segotep Phoenix ATX Mid-Tower Case Review

Segotep Phoenix ATX Mid-Tower Gaming Case


Build Quality









  • Amazing design, unique and beautiful
  • Huge for a mid-tower case
  • Awesome looking RGB front panel


  • Does not include any fans
  • Tempered glass panel on only 1 side

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Segotep Phoenix ATX Black Mid Tower PC Gaming Computer Case USB 3.0 Type-C Ports/Graphics Card Vertical Mounting with Tempered Glass & RGB Front Panel (PC Case ONLY)

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Custom PC gaming cases are more advanced than ever, especially with RGB LED lighting technology. In addition to some fancy tempered glass etching, RGB LEDs can elevate a PC gaming case’s appearance to the next level. The Phoenix can also went by other names such as: Segotep xname and Segotep Lux.


In the case of the Segotep Phoenix ATX mid-tower gaming case, it has a unique look that will help you stand out against other mid-tower gaming cases. The main competitor of the Phoenix is the darkFlash Phantom gaming PC case. They have many similarities, but the differences definitely bring uniqueness to the Segotep case.

Features of the Segotep Phoenix Case

As mentioned before, the Segotep Phoenix case compete’s mainly with the darkFlash Phantom Black ATX mid-tower PC gaming computer case. The Segotep Phoenix is a mid-tower ATX case that features RGB, tempered glass paneling, multiple mounting options, and superior airflow and cooling.


Phoenix Mid-Tower RGB Lighting

Firstly, the sparkling LED lighting. The case front panel has addressable RGB LED lighting. This lighting strip illuminates the front panel to produce a vivid “sparkling star” effect. In person, it is quite something to admire in the dark! It is easily controlled via an addressable 5V 3-pin RGB header on your motherboard.

The lighting effect is created by the addressable RGB lighting strip. The RGB strip shines light through an etched front panel which then creates the shining effect. In addition, the effects can be completely controlled by your motherboard and synced with other RGB products in your case!

Tempered Glass

Secondly, the Segotep case features 4mm tempered glass. The main tempered glass panel is on the left side of the case. This is positioned so you can show off all of your components and RGB lighting! In addition, the Segotep case also has dust filters to keep the front and bottom of the case free of dust. In an effort to keep superior airflow, the dust filters help prevent your case fans from becoming clogged.


Mounting and Expansion

Next, the Segotep Phoenix ATX mid-tower features a wide range of mounting points and plenty of room for cable management. There is specific routes for cable management on the top of the case along with the back of the case. There is grommets in place to run cables through allowing for very easy cable management.

The Phoenix mid-tower can fit up to a 167mm CPU cooler and 323mm GPU. The GPU can also be mounted in a vertical mount position. Mounting a GPU vertically allows you to show off your expensive video card and gives your build a unique look. In addition, the Segotep Phoenix has 7 expansion slots!


The biggest downside or upside to the Segotep RGB tower is the lack of included fans. Depending on how you look at it, this could be a good thing! The non-inclusion of fans means that you can install your own. There are some great cheap RGB fans that will really enhance the look of your Phoenix case. In addition, you can add some awesome addressable RGB strips to compliment the fans!

Segotep Phoenix I/O

The Phoenix case front panel has one Type-C port, one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, Audio In/Out. The USB 3.0 port and Type-C port are available for high-speed data transfer, assuming your motherboard will support it!

Final Thoughts on the Segotep Phoenix


Why is the Segotep Phoenix so cheap? Are Segotep cases good to buy? Should you purchase the Segotep ATX mid-tower PC gaming case?

Firstly, the Segotep cases are cheap because they aren’t necessarily a name brand. They are able to sell PC gaming cases at slightly above cost because they have no advertising or marketing fees. Segotep cases are great cases to buy! In most cases, they’re very similar to other name brand computer cases.

Should you buy the Segotep Phoenix m-ATX mid-tower? Well, yes! The Segotep Phoenix case is an extremely unique and aesthetically please computer case! They provide a lot of value in this case. In addition to all of the premium features, Segotep adds their own unique “flavor” and design elements to this case.

There is so many very cool aspects to this gaming case, like the top mounted motherboard I/O, side mounted motherboard, left tempered glass panel, awesome looking RGB front panel and huge full-tower sized space! The tempered glass is slightly tinted, allowing for great RGB lighting effects and easy cable management.

The biggest downside to this case is the non-inclusion of fans, but as I mentioned before, this gives you room to buy your own.

While Segotep is most likely not a name you have heard of, you will remember them after building in the Segotep Phoenix RGB ATX Black Mid-Tower Gaming PC case!

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