Best RGB Table Lamp

What is the Best RGB Table Lamp? Today, I’ll be going over my top choices, along with which one you should get for your desk/table!

I recently went through the Best RGB Floor Lamp, so it made me think, let’s do the table lamps too! As LED technology is getting better, so are the products. These RGB lamps are getting brighter, higher-quality, and easier to use.

Additionally, when it comes to LED table lamps, you can expect them to have a lot of premium features that make your life easier.

These lamps are perfect for your gaming desk, your filming studio, a Christmas or birthday present for kids, or even a “mood-setting” device.

With that being said, let’s get into it!

What to Look for in a RGB Table Lamp?

  • RGBIC vs RGB: RGBIC is a version of RGB that features individually controlled LED chips for a lot of customizability.
  • Size: How many LED’s are there, and how big is the lamp? This can affect the light output.
  • Smart Control: Are there smart control features via voice commands?
  • Bluetooth App: Is there a Bluetooth smartphone app to control lighting/effects?
  • Styling: Styling is important for a modern, unique look

What is the Best RGB Table Lamp?

These are my top choices for table lamps with RGB lighting. My favorite lamps have RGBIC or RGBW LED’s. They offer a lot of customization, along with versatility.

The white LED chips are the best because if you don’t want a colorful lighting experience, then you can easily switch it over. Using the white LED’s provides a solid light for pretty much any situation. Then, when you want to “spice it up“, you can use the 16 million colors the RGB LED’s offer!

I just wanted to make clear what was at the top of the priority list.

Govee Aura Table Lamp


First up is the Govee Aura Table Lamp. This RGB lamp works with voice control assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Additionally, they offer Bluetooth control. One of the coolest things is that Govee’s app works really well to not only control the device, but also sync other Govee products together. In the app, you can control each individual LED along with use effects such as the music sync. There is 30 different scenes that you can use to add a different look.


When it comes to the build quality. The device itself feels extremely solid. It has a light diffusing outer layer that provides a uniform emitting light. The uniform light not only looks great, but also helps with reducing eye strain.

In addition, the LED’s have a 350 lumen light output, with a CRI over 80. This means that you’ll have extremely color accurate, and bright light.

Govee RGBWW Smart Table Lamp


Next is the Govee RGBWW Smart Table Lamp. Similar to the previous table lamp, this one features smart voice and app control. Again, Govee’s app works really well, and their voice control is solid.

This lamp has a different half-sphere design that provides a different style of light output. It still features individually controllable RGB lighting and a fairly high light output. The white LED’s can provide a color temperature anywhere from 2200K-6500K. This means they can go from very soft yellow to harsh white light and everywhere in between.

The Smart Table Lamp is unique because it offers portability. There is a built-in battery that has a 3350 mAh capacity. This gives you about 4 hours of use outside of it being plugged in.

Finally, Govee offers soft brightness steps, meaning that you can change the brightness level from 1-100% with easy transitions.

JVMU Smart Table Lamp


Up next, we have the JVMU Smart Table Lamp. This RGB lamp offers 210 different scene modes, and 255 music modes. Along with a ton of different effects, it also have an extremely unique design.

JVMU allows you to use either a Bluetooth app or an included remote to control the device. It has an adjustable brightness, speed, color options, effect options, and timer settings. The timer can be set with 30 minute increments from 30-120 minutes. And, it has a built-in auto power-off.

Setup is quick, simple and painless. All you need to do is plug in the Type-C connector and turn it on with the physical button, remote control, or app. It has an output of 10 watts with a total brightness of 400 lumens. The 100 LED’s can adjust their white color temperature from 1500-3500K.


When it comes to the build quality, it is made from acrylic, iron and plastic. It has a very solid feel and the USB Type-C connection is a nice touch. The app is fairly simple to use, however it can be a tad bit glitchy.

Finally, JVMU offers a 1 year warranty along with 60-day money back guarantee or replacement.

Vocevos Modern RGB Table Lamp


Finally, we have the Vocevos Modern RGB Table Lamp. Again, this lamp has an incredibly unique design. But, they offer 2 different styles to choose from if you don’t like the first one.

For the design, Vocevos uses a ultra-textured black frost body with a white LED strip. There are 3 different brightness levels and 10 light modes. One of the light modes is a warm white, so if you want a less “intense” option, it works well.

The Vocevos RGB table lamp doesn’t have a ton of customization features. It comes with very standard lighting options. While some might find this not modern, it provides one of the most unique designs, especially if you’re using it in the background of a set.

Although there isn’t a ton of functionality, the build quality is great. The LED’s are well-diffused and the construction is metal.

Purchase Decision: Govee Aura RGB Table Lamp

In conclusion, my first choice for the Best RGB Table Lamp has to be the Govee Aura Table Lamp. It offers the best features, build quality and performance without a doubt. While it can carry a higher price tag, it is totally worth it.

Govee uses premium construction and LED lights. The app is super simple to use, and works really well. Although Govee is my top choice, you might want to consider one of the others if you want a more unique design. Or, if you want the option for portability then the other Govee option might be better for you!

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