Pyle Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers Review

Pyle 6.5" Waterproof Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker System


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So, why would you want outdoor speakers? Well, a lot of people like to entertain outside and instead of carrying around portable Bluetooth speakers, you can install them! However, you might have to worry about the elements (wind, rain, snow) or even trying to get them wired to a receiver.

That’s why Pyle Audio (read more) created the PDWR62BTBK Speakers! They are designed to be mounted basically anywhere, and easily be connected to whatever device you want. In theory, this makes it very easy to have a lot of flexibility when it comes to an entertainment setup.

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Let’s start off by getting into the features of the Pyle Bluetooth Outdoor Speakers. Firstly, this specific kit (PDWR62BTBK) includes two speakers. One speaker is active and one is passive (similar to the Edifier Bookshelf Speakers). They are built from the same construction techniques as waterproof marine speakers. Pyle uses stain resistant and rust proof speaker grills.

Each speaker has a 6.5 inch woofer with a 1.0-inch dome tweeter. This allows each speaker to independently have full range sound. And provides stereo sound by combining the two. The kit includes a power adapter to power the one speaker along with audio cables. Additionally, the kit includes two rugged wall mounts for easy install.


Finally, the total speaker output is 300 watts from both speakers, and they have the ability to daisy chain multiple speakers together. So, if you want, you can use the active/passive speaker together as part of a larger stereo system. But, if you don’t have a receiver, you can use them completely independently. They have a frequency response of 80Hz-20kHz.


As far as performance goes, for a simple setup, they perform extremely well. While they aren’t the most powerful outdoor speakers, they certainly provide a good amount of sound for the size and setup required. Pyle uses a solid build that provides loud, clear sound without being distorted. Additionally, the included remote is very easy to use.

The speakers have a decently low and powerful bass (for the size), but perform exceptionally when it comes to the mids and highs. Most “party” or entertainment music should shine well.



When it comes to installation, the instructions are a bit on the lackluster side. However, they are pretty much just like any other speakers and are fairly simple to setup. One of the big things to look out for is if your speakers aren’t working off-the-bat, then try to strip some of the coating around the wire for more exposure in the socket. This is a common complaint/problem among some customers.

Final Thoughts


So, in conclusion, should you get the Pyle Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers? If you’re looking for an awesome pair (or more) of outdoor speakers to get the job done, then absolutely. The Pyle PDWR62BTBK perform extremely well for their size, ease of use, and simplicity. It is easy to just plug and play with Bluetooth performance straight from your phone. And, you can fairly easily mount/unmount these speakers from pretty much anywhere. Finally, their performance is great for an outdoor set and entertaining any parties should be awesome!

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