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Phone Soap Basic


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Today we’re going to be look at one of the coolest, yet most unique products on the market, the PhoneSoap Basic. This is a more value-oriented version of the Phone Soap 3.

A powerful UV smartphone sanitizer in one small package? Is it too good to be true? We’ll explore the build quality, features, and performance of the Phone Soap Basic along with our purchase decision.

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What is Phone Soap Basic?


Phone Soap Basic is a product that allows you to sanitize or disinfect your phone or other small objects. They state you can achieve a 99.99% kill percentage of all bacteria and germs.

How Does Phone Soap Work?

Phone Soap works by using two UV-C bulbs to completely sanitize or disinfect your phone. UV-C light has the shortest wavelength and the highest energy. It is used as a disinfectant for many different applications, including in the food industry and in hospitals.

The basics are that UV-C interrupts certain portions of DNA or RNA in organisms killing them. You can read more about how UV-C works to disinfect things here. But, just know that it is an extremely well-studied and verified way of disinfection.

Why Should You Sanitize Your Phone?

You should be disinfecting your phone or sanitizing for several reasons. Firstly, your phone is one of the dirtiest surfaces you will touch all day. Additionally, with spikes in illnesses, sanitizing your phone can be a great way to break transmission of germs and bacteria.

Build Quality


Starting off with the build quality. The Phone Soap Basic, from first impressions, has a fairly high quality build with premium feel. It is made from plastics and metal mixtures. Additionally, the interior has a thin layer of plastic separating your device from the bulbs.

There is an included USB-A cable that feels decently well built.



How does the unit perform? Does Phone Soap Basic actually work? Well, according to several studies and a Discovery Channel special, it does! The ultra-violet bulbs help to eliminate 99.99% of all bacteria and microrganisms.

From an actual functional perspective, the device is large enough to easily fit most devices in it. You can fit your phone, keys, ear buds or any other devices around that size.

To start sanitizing all you need to do is put your device in the enclosure and turn it on. It will run for approximately 10 minutes, and then you’re all sanitized!

Final Thoughts

So, is the Phone Soap Basic worth the money? Does it actually work? Well, if you look at the studies, yes it works.

However, unless you’re willing to swab your phone before and after every time, there’s not really physical evidence of it working. On the other side of that, sanitizing is extremely important, and your phone is one of the dirtiest objects around (source).

The Phone Soap Basic is a well-built, functional device that does what it’s intended to do. If you want the extra safety of being able to sanitize your phone on a day-to-day basis, then it is 100% worth the money.

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