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Today in the PHEANOO Soundbar Review we’re going to be taking a deep dive into this infamous 2.1-channel ARC soundbar with subwoofer. We’ll be looking at the PHEANOO P28 Soundbar, P27, but most specifically the D6 model (most recent model).

With the PHEANOO P27 P28 D6 Soundbar, you get a 2-channel soundbar with subwoofer (Read more about the Differences Between 2.1 vs 5.1 Soundbars). We’ll be taking a look at not only the performance of the soundbar itself, but the features, design, build quality and finally give you a purchase decision.


Starting off the PHEANOO Soundbar Review with the features. Now, we will be specifically be talking about the D6 model, however, the other lower-end models have a similar range of features.

Starting off is the basics with Dolby Digital. Dolby Digital allows for the soundbar to decode sound for a cinematic standard surround sound experience. Additionally adding to the cinematic experience is the included subwoofer. The 2.1 setup allows for a powerful bass that helps aid the soundbar itself in a powerful delivery.


PHEANOO claims that the 2-channel speakers in the soundbar are specifically tuned to help allow speech and dialogue to come to the front. This means that when watching a movie with several things going on at once you shouldn’t miss what the characters are saying.

Finally, the setup of the PHEANOO D6 Soundbar is incredibly simple. It features HDMI (ARC), RCA Audio, or a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. Each connection is super simple to setup and doesn’t require you to use the included remote (however, if you want you can still use the remote for control).

Build Quality

Next up is the build quality of the PHEANOO 2.1-Channel Soundbar. This is a tricky category because it might seem like the build quality isn’t up to par of other soundbars, however, this isn’t quite the case.

While the construction materials, such as the plastics, aren’t super high-grade, they are adequate enough for the enclosures. Additionally, the physical construction of the materials seems to be of fairly high quality. While they aren’t as premium materials as something like a Samsung Soundbar, PHEANOO has a significantly lower price point.

Although, the outer materials aren’t super premium, the main thing that counts is what is inside. The speakers themselves sound and feel up-to-par with significantly more expensive competition.

What’s in the Box?


In the box you should find the soundbar itself, dedicated 5.25-inch subwoofer, HDMI cable, auxiliary to RCA cable, power cables, mounting hardware, and remote control.

Sound & Performance

Now, for the fun part: how does the PHEANOO Soundbar sound? Well, quite honestly for the price it sounds absolutely incredible. The first time turning on this soundbar we were absolutely blown away. Specifically the crispness of the details in music and punchiness of the subwoofer were outstanding.

This little soundbar has an awesome sound signature that is sure to be an improvement over any stock TV speakers. It doesn’t have the strongest “room filling sound” depending on how loud you typically listen. However, it should easily be able to fill most moderately sized bedrooms or living rooms without any issue.

We specifically have this soundbar mounted under the TV in our kitchen. And, it works like a charm to provide just enough extra sound for music playing while cooking.

Final Thoughts: Purchase Decision

In conclusion of the PHEANOO Soundbar Review we would absolutely consider this product as a positive purchase decision. This soundbar provides a big punch for it’s size and price. And, quite honestly we don’t think that you’ll be disappointed. If you want to improve your stock TV speakers or just add an extra level to your movies (with a dedicated subwoofer), then this is for you!

If you want an even more immersive experience, then we highly recommend checking out a more involving surround experience.

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