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The best personal portable air coole is the YASUOO mini air conditioner. It works really well and is very affordable. Additionally, the reviews are spectacular and you can put ice in it to help keep everything even cooler.

In this review, we’ll be exploring why you need to get yourself one of these mini coolers. As technology is evolving, we are able to have smaller and smaller air conditioners. These personal coolers are great for when you’re at the office, in school, or really at home if you don’t have air conditioning.

What is a Personal Portable Air Cooler?

A personal portable air cooler is similar to an air conditioning unit but, on a much smaller scale. These mini air conditioners typically have built-in air purifiers and humidifiers.

How Do Personal Air Coolers Work?

Personal portable mini air conditioners work by adding water or ice to help cool the air. They use this cold water or ice in combination with a fan to help cool you down. Most mini air conditioners will work and keep you cool for about 3-6 hours depending on fan speed.

Where Can You Use Personal Portable Air Coolers?

You can use portable mini air conditioners in several scenarios. Some people might want to use their mini air conditioner for cars or room.

The best part about personal air coolers, is that they are portable! You can them virtually anywhere, and don’t need a huge electronic current to operate. There are some cheap mini air conditioner options. Meaning, they won’t break the bank!

MELOPHY Personal Air Cooler


The MELOPHY Portable Air Conditioner Fan is a multifunction personal cooling device.


You can use it as an evaporative cooler, humidifying fan, desk fan, and LED mood light. It is designed to be small and lightweight. Although, it still will cool you down. MELOPHY recommends that this personal air cooler be used in a bedroom, office, dorm, or for a car trip.


The misting fan has LED lighting with 7 customizable soft colors. In addition, you can turn off the lighting altogether.


In addition, there is a 2 hour or 4 hour timer. Plus, 3 different levels of fan settings.


The tank has a 400mL water capacity. This allows the cooler to run for approximately 3-6 hours without being refilled. There is an indicator LED that flashes when water levels are low. MELOPHY suggests using ice cubes to help make the air colder. Finally, the water tray can be taken out so that you can clean it.

  • Voltage: DC24V
  • Power: 18W
  • Spray volume: 100ml/h
  • Water tank capacity: 400ml
  • Spraying time: 3-6 hours
  • Net Weight: 1.3 lb

MELOPHY has some instructions to keep it in balance, don’t fill the tank all the way (3/4 of the way is good) and clean the tank once per week.

The MELOPHY Portable Air Cooler is currently on sale, check pricing now!

AUZKIN Portable Air Conditioner


The AUZKIN portable air conditioner is a mini air cooler that uses atomization technology to cool you down.


AUZKIN uses an ultrasound spray cooling technology to atomize the water, cool it and then blow humidified air out. It helps moisten the air and keeps you cool.

This mini cooler features adjustable fan speed and direction. It has a 90 degree oscillating base and a fan speed up to 4000 RPM (3.5m/s). In addition, the AUZKIN portable air conditioner features a 2 / 4 / 6 hour time setting and a 320mL water tank that will ensure the fan functions for up to 6 hours.


However, the AUZKIN has a soft blue light instead of programmable RGB lighting. The soft light provides an excellent nightlight or decorative light.


  • Model: DH-KTS03
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 2.58 pounds
  • Dimension: 5.51 x 5.14 x 9.77 inches
  • Capacity: 11oz (320ml)
  • Wind Speed: 3.5m / s
  • Power Supply: 110V – 220V
  • Wattage: 16 – 18W

AUZKIN recommends not to put ice cubes in the water tank. This prevents the ultrasonic spray cooler to loose efficiency. However, we do recommend using chilled water as it dramatically increases the cooling behavior.

Finally, they provide a lifetime customer service promise to solve any product issues.

YASUOO Portable Air Conditioner


The YASUOO 2020 portable air conditioner is a 2020 space air cooler with humidifier and air purifier.


It is a mini air conditioner is compact and portable 3-in-1 air conditioning unit, air purifier, and humidifier. It uses evaporating technology to blow cool refreshing air.


In addition, the YASUOO portable air conditioner is energy efficient and can either be powered by wall outlet or USB. It has an easy-to-fill tank and it holds enough water to last up to 8 hours. It is freon free and features ultra-quiet operation. There is a built-in RGB LED light that can display 6 different colors.



  • Capacity: 300mL
  • Fan settings: 3 speeds
  • LED settings: 6 color options , 2 mode options
  • Includes: Air cooler, USB power cable, instructions
  • *can add essential oils for more fragrant air

KUUOTE Mini Evaporative Cooler


The KUUOTE portable air conditioner fan is another great example of an air cooler.

KUUOTE Features

The KUUOTE portable air conditioner is similar to an ordinary desk fan. However, it adds mist along with a cool refreshing humidification. The water tank can continuously spray for up to 3-5 hours. In addition, you can add your favorite essential oils to the water.


There is 7 built-in soft lights that can be used as a night light or for mood lighting. The LEDs are “bright”, but not too bright. They provide the perfect amount of illumination for an atmospheric glow.


Finally, there is 3 adjustable fan speeds. There is soft, cool and strong. It is extremely portable so that you can move it wherever you need to.


MOVTIP Portable Air Conditioner Fan


Additionally, the MOVTIP personal space air cooler is a good choice for someone looking for this type of portable air conditioning system.

MOVTIP Features

The MOVTIP portable air conditioner has some awesome features that other personal portable air coolers don’t have! Firstly, the MOVTIP air cooler has a 3-in-1 multifunction design. It can used as an air conditioner, desk fan and air humidifier.


Additionally, it boasts extreme portability with it’s only 8 inches of height. It is extremely lightweight with a portable handle. And features a 2000mAh battery, so it can be truly portable.


There is a 600mL water tank. This allows you to use the MOVTIP fan for up to 8 hours, which is actually very long in the world of portable air coolers. The fan can be adjusted with up to 3 levels of adjustment (slow, medium and fast).


Finally, the MOVTIP air conditioner is designed to be not only energy efficient, but also ultra-quiet. This allows you to use it throughout the night without being distracted or kept awake. In addition, it is much cheaper and easier to run than a Freon air conditioner.

Final Thoughts

In the end, what is the best personal portable air cooler? Well, as far as we’re concerned, the YASUOO mini air conditioner is the clear choice.

YASUOO seemed to have the highest cooling efficiency while providing the best value. The MELOPHY personal air cooler was a close second. Because both coolers didn’t have a drastic difference and you can put ice in both of them, we’d recommend either one.

The AUZKIN portable air conditioner is definitely more of a humidifier and air purifier than anything else. If that is what you’re looking for, then it is definitely the choice for you! However, get it quick, because it is almost $20 off right now!

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these personal air conditioners. When it comes to the summer, you can’t go wrong with a nice personal mini cooler that will keep you cold!

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