Best Outdoor Halloween Projector Lights

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What are the Best Halloween Projector Lights? Today I’m exploring the top options of outdoor projector lights for Halloween!

Spooky season is upon us, and there are a lot of people looking to decorate their houses or set up for a Halloween party. When it comes to Halloween costumes, we’ve already reviewed really fun options in the Best LED Halloween Mask post.

However, today we’re looking at options to spice up your next Halloween party or your outdoor decorations. With LED technology advancing, these different versions of projectors use LED bulbs to create unique patterns and looks (read more).

Additionally, check this out if you’re looking for LED Christmas Projector Lights!

What to Look for in Outdoor Halloween Projector Lights?

  • LED Bulb: LED bulbs are highly recommended for these projection applications due to their brightness and color accuracy.
  • Built Quality: Look for a solid build using high-quality products such as ABS, or rust-free metals.
  • Projection Slides: Look for a variety of projection slides, some include multiple holidays: such as Halloween or Christmas.
  • Waterproof: Check to make sure they’re waterproof IP44 resistant or higher if you’re using them outdoors.

SHEWE Outdoor Halloween Projector Lights


Starting off with the SHEWE Outdoor Halloween Projector Lights. These are 2-in-1 holiday lights that feature not only a Holiday projector, but Christmas as well (check out our full review of LED Christmas projector lights)!

They feature the holiday versions as well as a 3D Ocean wave pattern. The projector has 8 high-definition slides with 10 different color options for the ocean wave effect. This amounts to a total of 64 different patterns and options for you to choose from.

The Halloween projector features ghosts, skulls and a pumpkin. It is very easily installed with either a plug outdoors or indoors. The optimum distance for the LED projection lamp is 9.8 feet-32.8 feet. It has a maximum 900 square foot coverage area (which is huge).


Additionally, the SHEWE projector lights are completely waterproof. They are made of a durable ABS material and boast a IP44 waterproof design. SHEWE says that they can easily withstand snow, rain and intense sun (operating temperature of -31°F-104°F).

Finally, they feature a wireless remote and timer. The remote operates at ranges up to 40 feet, and allows you to completely adjust what effects are working. In addition, the timer offers 2-hour/4-hour/6-hour options.

Auxiwa LED Halloween Projector Lights


Next up is the Auxiwa LED Halloween Projector Lights. These have a similar effect to the SHEWE, but a different design and therefore output.

Firstly, they feature a dynamic lighting effect. This allows for the projector light to use the built-in auto-moving patterns to provide a non-static experience. The Halloween effects have ghosts, pumpkins, bats, and cats.

The Auxiwa projector is simple to install with simple plug-and-play. You just have to set up the stand wherever you want to projector to illuminate, then plug it in! The LED projector can be used outdoors or indoors and includes 16 feet of power cord. So, you can set it up safely pretty much anywhere.


Finally, Auxiwa uses high-quality ABS plastic with colors that will not fade. Additionally, you can wall mount it, or ground mount it. In the package, they include all of the necessary mounting equipment.

Auxiwa Pumpkin Projector Lights Outdoor


Next, we have the Auxiwa Halloween Lights with Pumpkin Projector. These outdoor pumpkin projector lights feature a similar design to the previous Auxiwa product, with a few differences.

Firstly, it still offers a dynamic lighting effect. Auxiwa uses 4 built-in smiley pumpkin patterns to create a fun, spooky Halloween atmosphere. Additionally, it is capable of indoor and outdoor use. The LED lamp comes with a waterproof casing, so you can use it in rain or snow.

They include a hefty 16-feet of power cable, so if you don’t have any outdoor outlets, you can easily run it indoors. Auxiwa uses a high-quality ABS plastic that is designed to not fade. It is fairly small and can be stored or transported easily.

You can use the projector in distances up to 32-feet for the biggest picture. Similar to the previous projector, you can either wall-mount or surface-mount it.

Xhaus LED Halloween Projector


Finally, is the Xhaus LED Halloween Projector. They have a unique 2 projection head design. One uses 16-slides to show patterns. And, the other uses RGBW LED’s to project up to 10 different ocean-wave ripple effects. You can use each one by it’s own, or both together to create an interesting atmospheric effect.

Xhaus makes sure that the projector is portable and comes with a remote control. The remote can control pretty much every option including color, speed, flash effects, and the built-in timer (2/4/6 hours).


It is made from a durable ABS plastic and is IP44 waterproof. IP44 means that it can withstand rain, snow or pretty much any of the elements. For outdoor use, you place it flat on it’s base (using the included stakes). But, for indoor use, you can mount it on it’s side as well.

Finally, the ideal projection distance is 10 to 15 feet. And, you can use it for Halloween or Christmas with the included slides!

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