Nivava Gaming Headset (RGB) Review

Nivava K7 Headset


Build Quality









  • RGB LED lighting
  • Great value
  • Good mic and sound quality
  • Many color options


  • No wireless option
  • No USB audio (goes through auxillary)

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Nivava makes several other gaming headsets. But, the K7 is by far my favorite. It has an awesome RGB lighting design while maintaining good build quality.


Nivava is a brand that specializes in gaming headphones and headsets. They have headphones for kids, wireless headphones, gaming headsets and sleeping headphones.

The K7 slots at the top of the gaming headset list, above the K5Pro and K6.

Nivava K7 Headset Features

The K7 is a Nivana Gaming Headset with RGB lighting. It has premium gaming headset features with an affordable price tag. Nivava’s K7 also provides exceptional audio, mic quality and noise isolation.


Nivava boasts about their Marquee design. This design features a colorful RGB LED array that gives the headset a dynamic stance. Along with the RGB lighting, the gaming headset has a stylish look that’s not over the top. You can get the K7 in a few colors; pink, blue/black or red/black. I opted for the blue/black headset. However, it can be hard to find a good pink gaming headset.

The Nivava K7 Gaming Headset gives you great sound quality. They use dual 50mm drivers that deliver high-quality stereo audio. At max volume, there is little distortion or muddling. The mic quality is similar. It is a noise cancelling mic that delivers clear audio. This isolation helps keep background noise or keyboard clicks out of your voice audio input.


In addition to high quality sound, the K7’s are very comfortable to wear. They have a good build quality that provides comfortable ear cups along with sturdy headband. The portions of the headset that touch your ears and head is made from well-cushioned rubberized vinyl. It feels high-quality to the touch. You can wear the K7 headset for several hours without feeling any fatigue.


The Nivava K7 Gaming Headset can be used with several different devices. It is compatible with Windows or Mac computers, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

How to Setup the Nivava K7 Gaming Headset


Setting up the headset is fairly simple. The USB connection powers the RGB LEDs on the K7. The audio jack is split into an input and output. You just need to plug the input (pink) and output (green) in. The braided cable has an inline controller included. You can adjust volume and mute on/off with this controller.

Final Thoughts

So, should you buy the Nivava K7 Gaming Headset over other value headsets? Why is the K7 one of the best value budget gaming headsets?

The fact that the K7 sounds so good with it’s 50mm drivers really helps it out. It definitely can claim a place in the best value budget gaming headsets list!

Nivava really killed it on the looks of the K7. The LEDs are very vibrant and color accurate. They add just the right amount of accent lighting to really add to the style of the headset. In addition, the microphone lights up with an LED as well. The overall design isn’t over the top, but also stands out.

The audio quality is really good for the price you can find this headset for. The highs are clear, mids stand out and bass is quite heavy. But, not the bad type of heavy. The bass really helps to add to explosions and lower end gunshots.

Another nod to Nivava is the packing that this headset comes in. Compared to some other value budget gaming headsets, this packing is superb. It is on par with some of the more premium brands. In addition, it adds to the unboxing experience and usability of this headset.

Finally, the K7 comes in pink! It can be difficult to find a good pink gaming headset. But, this can definitely be the one to fit right in to a pink gaming room or gaming setup.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Nivava K7 as one of the best value budget RGB gaming headsets money can buy!

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