Best NEON PC Lights

What are the Best NEON PC Lights? Today we’re going to be taking a look at and reviewing our top choices for NEON LED Light Strips for your PC!

LED lighting technology is continuously advancing. With that comes advances in PC RGB lighting. One of the coolest (in our opinion) of these has been an upgrade in light diffusion. This means that the individual LEDs are getting more and more difficult to distinguish from each other.


The effect that a light diffusion material makes is huge for certain applications. Out of these types of diffusing technologies comes neon LED strips. The neon factor comes from the look for a single continuous light throughout the entire lighting strip.

Speclux NEON Addressable RGB PC LED Strip (3-pin)


First up is the Speclux NEON PC Lights. These are ARGB LED Strips with a diffusion layer over the individual LEDs. Additionally, they’re unconventionally square instead of being an exposed strip. This unique style makes it easier to bend at right angles or even get into corners that you couldn’t previously.

These lights are addressable RGB, so you can completely control what each individual LED unit does. It is designed for a 3-pin Digital RGB header on your motherboard. Additionally, they are compatible with Asus Aura, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASROCK RGB LED, and pretty much any other software out there.


Once you have the lights plugged in it’s pretty much up to your motherboard’s control software how they work. The actual LED chips are bright, uniform and color accurate. Any effects or color changes should be completely controlled by your motherboard’s software. And, each strip (in this version) comes with 12-LED’s.

Installation is easy and simple to do. There’s no complicated setup. The neon LED strips are magnetic or you can use 3M tape for mounting. Finally, the surface of the light strip is coated with IP65 waterproofing silicone, so there shouldn’t be any issues with water damage.

Airgoo Neon ARGB Strip for PC (3-pin)


The Airgoo Neon Digital-RGB LED Strip is a full color range strip for your PC. They just recently updated these strips making them brighter with 12 LED pieces, a stronger magnetic bracket, and an adapter to ensure they’ll work with any motherboard.

These are still addressable RGB lights (ARGB), and use a 3-pin 5V design to connect to the RGB header on your motherboard. They will work with pretty much any motherboard RGB software to create whatever effects you want. Included in the package are 2 15.7-inch LED strips. They also include an extension cable and adapter to make sure they can connect to whatever motherboard you have.

Additionally, Airgoo allows you to daisy chain up to 4 strips max together. This means that you can connect 4 strips to your PC while only using one RGB header. So, in theory you could have multiples of 4 in your PC.

Finally, Airgoo offers a one-year warranty on any of their products. And, they say if you message them they will respond within 24 hours regardless time.

Aclorol Neon RGB LED Strip for PC (4-pin)


Last is the Aclorol Neon RGB LED Strip for PC (4-pin). What makes theses unique? Well, they feature non-addressable RGB lighting instead of addressable. This LED strip is made specifically for a motherboard with a 4-pin 12V RGB header. The biggest differences is that you cannot individually control the LEDs in these strips, so they will all be one color or effect.

These lights are perfect for gamers or PC modders who want a single look or style. Additionally, if your motherboard doesn’t support 5V ARGB, then these will be the only lights that work as well!

The Aclorol Neon Lights are very similar to the other options. They still have a magnetic backing for mounting, IP65 water resistance, flexibility for mounting, and included brackets to make angles work. Additionally, Aclorol includes an extension cable so you can mount pretty much anywhere in your case without issues.

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