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Miroir M75 Portable Micro Projector


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In the Miroir M75 Micro Projector Review we’ll be taking a look at the features, performance, and final thoughts.

Miroir is a company that was created in 2012. They have since made making the best portable projectors their main goal. Their main strategies include making a high quality product that easy to use, portable and is robust. You can read more about their company here.

We’re mainly here to take a look at the Miroir M75 Micro Projector. This projector is a popular choice for people wanting a simple solution to hooking up their iPhone, Nintendo Switch or other gaming consoles to a projector.

So, is the Miroir M75 a good portable projector option for gamers on a budget? Let’s get into it!

What is a Micro Projector?

A micro projector is another term describing a very portable miniature projector. Often called “mini projectors” or “portable projectors”, you get a very small form factor with a lightweight body.

These types of micro projectors are popular for kids, professionals or gamers on-the-move with high portability requirements.


Firstly we’ll get into the main features of the M75 portable projector. The most obvious one is the portability of the M75. It is extremely small coming in with dimensions of 3.46″x3.46″x1.7″. Additionally, it is very lightweight with a weight of less than 10 ounces!


But, don’t let it’s size fool you. This little micro projector can easily display an image of up to 50-inches across. This means that you basically can hold power of a 50-inch TV in your pocket. In addition, you don’t even need to have the projector plugged into a power source. It has it’s own built-in battery (3200 mAh) with up to two hours of projection time.


Miroir also made sure that you are able to connect this projector to pretty much about anything that you want to. While their main marketing shows a lot of iPhone applications, you still are able to use pretty much any device to power this thing. You can use a tablet, laptop, Android phone, iPhone, Apple TV, other streaming devices, or Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, the M75 has two built-in 1-watt speakers with an 3.5mm audio-out jack also available. We highly recommend using a small portable Bluetooth speaker for audio output, but that’s up to you!

Finally, the connectivity is summed up with an HDMI-in port, USB power jack, power-in port and the 3.5mm audio-out port. And, Miroir claims that the lamp life of the M75 is at 20,000 hours.



As far as performance is concerned, the Miroir M75 Micro Projector is performs very well. While it’s not the most high-quality projector, it does provide an exceptional amount of performance for the size and weight.

If you want a simple projector that you can fit in your pocket and carry around for your iPhone or Switch, then this is definitely the projector for you. And, when you whip it out of your pocket and set it up, your friends will 100% be impressed. It makes gaming with friends a lot easier and even more fun!

The speakers on the M75 are leave a lot to be desired, however it is nice of them to include something. If you are really into the game you’re playing (or media you’re consuming), you should definitely hook up a portable Bluetooth speaker to get the best experience. Although if you’re just on a small trip and need the most portable option, then the projector by itself can still provide a full “home theater” experience.

With that being said, the rest of the projector’s performance is pretty good! The image quality is decent for the price, brightness is adequate and battery life is great. You can often find this projector on sale, which makes it a lot more reasonable to purchase.

Final Thoughts


So, in conclusion, do we recommend the Miroir M75 Micro Projector? If you’re in the market for a very small fairly capable projector than absolutely! It has applications for a pretty niche audience, but for that audience, they will really enjoy it.

If you have a bit more money to spend, then check out the best projectors for under $500. But, if you’re balling on a budget and just want something small and simple, then you can’t go wrong!

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