Best LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror

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The best LED Bluetooth bathroom mirror is the Gesipor LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror. It is a high-quality mirror with an ample amount of features. Not only dose it provide various color temperatures, but includes built-in monitoring and touch controls.

However, there are several other mirrors that make the list. I will also be going through the build quality, features, and performance of these mirrors. Additionally, we’ll be giving you a purchasing decision on which ones you should be buying for your next home project!

Why would you want to upgrade to one of these mirrors? Well, these LED lighted smart mirrors have become more and more popular over the past few years.

With the advancement of LED and Bluetooth technologies, it not only makes them more affordable, but more stylish as well. One of the coolest modern accents you can add to your house’s design language is bright LED lighting.

So, why not add that element of modern and fluent design to your bathroom!

What is a LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror?

An LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror is a newer invention that combines LED lighting (learn more) with smart Bluetooth technology (learn more).

Along with that, these smart mirrors also typically add a speaker element to the mirror. So, that means that you can get your jam on while getting ready!

In addition, many mirrors feature some sort of smart clock/time display technology and weather applications. This useful so you don’t have to have more than one device on your countertop, freeing up space. And, you can easily check more than one thing in one place.

What Features do Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors Have?

Several mirrors will include advanced features such as, clocks, weather applications, WiFi capabilities, anti-fog technologies, and even music streaming. You might expect to see dimming or color-adjustable LED lighting, motion activated light options, and even hands-free phone calling.

Do Bluetooth Mirrors Need Electricity?

Yes, Bluetooth mirrors need to be plugged in or routed into an electrical circuit. It is vital that these types of mirrors receive power for maximum functionality.

How Do Bluetooth Mirrors Work?

Typically Bluetooth mirrors have a built-in Bluetooth connection, similar to a Bluetooth speaker. This enables Bluetooth devices to be able to connect to the mirror itself.

The processor in the mirror allows you to control different functions of the mirror with just your phone or Bluetooth device. Although, you most likely will need a mobile device due to the requirement of a smart phone app.

How Do You Clean LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors?

LED Bluetooth bathroom mirrors can safely be cleaned just as you would any other mirror. You can use a mild detergent or glass cleaner to wipe off the surface.

I recommend using a microfiber cloth in combination with something like Windex to avoid any scratching.

Best LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors

BHBL LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror


The BHBL LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror is up first on the list. Firstly, this is an LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror that combines many of the features we we talked about before.

Firstly, the touch button is an easy way to turn on/off the light. It is easy to recognize, and simple to use; simply hold down the button for 3 seconds to change brightness (10%-100%). Next, the BHBL mirror has Bluetooth capabilities. It uses Bluetooth speakers so you can easily listen to your favorite music when getting ready. Additionally, they use a special anti-fog so you don’t have to worry about your mirror fogging up (this works via a heating pad in the back of the mirror).

You can do a vertical or horizontal mount (depending on what works best for you). And, installation screws are in the box for you! The LED’s have a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours, and a color temperature of 6000K. Finally, BHBL includes a copper-free and silvered reflection layer for maximum light. The frame is made from aluminum, which means it is lightweight and strong.

PetusHouse LED Lighted Smart Bathroom Mirror


Next up is the PetusHouse LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror. This mirror can connect via Bluetooth to any of your devices and play whatever sounds you want. Why? Because it has 360 degree speakers to help provide sound for whatever you’re doing.

Additionally, the PetusHouse smart mirror uses a 3x magnifier that is 5.5 inches large. It has an LED ring around it and allows you to easily shave, apply makeup or do whatever you need to do. The LED ring provides enough light to brighten up your face, and give you the lighting you need.

You can either hardwire the mirror, or use the built-in button. The button also adjusts the brightness level of the LED’s around the mirror. They also have built-in memory, so it will turn on with the same brightness that it had when turned off.

The anti-fog feature allows you to completely defog the mirror in around 5-10 minutes. It uses a heating pad behind the mirror to help prevent or remove any fog.

Finally, the PetusHouse smart LED mirror is made from TAIBO 5mm copper-free glass. The LEDs have a lifetime of around 50,000 hours, and are IP65 water resistant. Additionally, the lumen rating is 4600, and the LEDs have a color temperature of 6000K.

Gesipor LED Bathroom Mirror


Last, but certainly not least is the Gesipor LED Bathroom Mirror. This LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror has by far the most features out of all the mirrors on this list.

Starting off with a unique feature, the Gesipor smart mirror features color adjustment. You can easily adjust color temperature from warm to cool (3000K-6000K). This means that for individuals with more sensitive eyes, you can turn down the intensity. There is a simple button to not only change the color temperature, but also adjust the brightness of the mirror LEDs.

Next, the Gesipor wall mounted lighted mirror features a defogger button. The defogger should become effective within 3 seconds after pressing the button. It uses a special heating pad to keep the mirror at a certain temperature. Additionally, there is a anti-leaking strip that is around the mirror. This keeps out any additional moisture and prevents light leakage.

In addition, the Gesipor LED smart mirror has Bluetooth audio. The built-in speakers have a 360 degree range, so you can easily listen to music or a podcast while taking a shower or getting ready. There is a button directly on the mirror to pair any device you want.

On the bottom of the mirror, the display also shows the time, date, and some other stats.

Finally, the Gesipor mirror has several different versions. They have different dimensions, configurations and styles. You should be able to find a style to fit pretty much any bathroom application.

Final Thoughts


In our opinion, the Gesipor LED Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror is a phenomenal choice. It provides you with the most diverse and greatest amount of features. We really like the ability to switch the LED color temperature from warm to cool. This really gives you a custom feeling to the mirror.

Additionally, the ability to connect your phone via Bluetooth to your mirror is really cool. It means that you don’t have to use any separate Bluetooth bathroom speakers to play music when getting ready or taking a shower.

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