Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar Review

Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar


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When it comes to home audio, Klipsch is one of the top brands on the market. They are incredibly well-built, designed and perform extremely well (read more about Klipsch). However, when it comes to soundbars, Klipsch has a few options, but the Cinema 400 Sound Bar really caught our eye!

Additionally, it provides one of the most unique looks, as well as an incredibly (subjectively) attractive design. In this review we’ll be taking a look at the features, build quality, and performance of the Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar.

Now, this is a 2.1-channel soundbar with wireless subwoofer. But, if you’re looking for a bit more power, check out our picks for the Best Samsung Soundbar!


When it comes to features, the Cinema 400 Sound Bar doesn’t disappoint. Firstly, this is a 2.1-channel soundbar. Meaning that you get 2 channels (left and right) for typical sound. Then, you also get a wireless subwoofer that handles all the bass. The combination of the channels and subwoofer give you an incredible amount of immersion.


Additionally, the subwoofer is 8-inches, and really packs a punch. It also has a combined 400 watts of peak power. This means that when your audio sources call for the power, Klipsch is able to deliver it. The soundbar can get very loud, however we’ll talk about that later.

You also get the option to use HDMI-ARC. With just one remote and one cable, you are able to completely control your TV and soundbar. This makes setup simple and promotes an easy-to-use mentality. When looking at audio support, the Cinema 400 is capable of decoding 5.1 surround sound for virtualization. It allows you to completely virtualize surround sound for an even more immersive system.

Build Quality

As far as build quality is concerned, Klipsch is typically unrivaled, especially in the price range. They use premium materials such as real wood material. In addition, they use fiber-composite cone woofers, Tractrix horns, and linear travel tweeters. You also get a 8-inch wireless subwoofer that is built like a brick.



For the price, the Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar is unbelievably well valued. It has incredibly loud and reliable performance with a subwoofer that truly gives a kick. You get clean dialog, crisp highs, mids that are easy to catch, and insane bass.

If you are a bass-head, then you can easily get this subwoofer to kick out some bass. However, if you need to turn it down you can too. The dialog is easy to distinguish even with loud sound effects going on in the background. And, you also don’t have to have the volume at 80% just to actually hear voices during movies.

Finally, the Cinema 400 easily fills pretty much any sized room. If you have any standard size room, you should have no issue filling it with sound, and making sure that everyone can hear. You can also use it for a party speaker, easily blasting your favorite music for friends!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar is one of our top choices for soundbars period. Especially if you can find it on sale, you can easily get an enormous amount of a value with this speaker.

When considering soundbars, you should look for something thats easy-to-use, offers a lot of features, and offers good sound quality. Klipsch not only meets all of those expectations, but exceeds them in a lot of ways. Ever since using their ProMedia 2.1 computer speakers, I’ve been very impressed with Klipsch products. However, when it comes to the Cinema 400, it is definitely one of the most impressive products in the price range.

It provides exceptional value, performance and build quality that is unmatched by similarly priced soundbars. If you are in the market for a 2.1-channel soundbar, the Klipsch Cinema 400 might be the best choice for you!

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