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When it comes to surround sound soundbars, you have to consider a lot of factors. You can get a 5-channel, 7-channel or even 9-channel. But, there are some soundbars, like the JBL Bar 3.1, that offer 3-channels of sound!

These are perfect for small rooms or more “budget” setups because you still get the benefit of a center-channel speaker in a pretty compact package. In addition, you also get a pretty powerful setup that should be a huge bump in performance when compared to standard TV speakers.

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the features, performance and build quality of the JBL Bar 3.1. And, how it stacks up against other 3.1 soundbars!


We’ll start off with the features of the JBL Bar 3.1. Firstly, this is a 3.1-channel soundbar, which means that there is 2-front firing channels (left and right) along with a center-channel for voices. There is also a wireless subwoofer that covers the low-end bass frequencies.

The subwoofer is 10-inches and provides a wireless way to add a lot of bass power to your music, media or games. Additionally, the whole system has a total power output of 450W. Along with this power, Dolby Digital and JBL Surround Sound add a big amount of sound immersion.

For connectivity, JBL gives you Bluetooth, HDMI and the other typical sound system connections. You can connect up to three 4K devices via HDMI (1 HDMI ARC). In addition, you can also use JBL SoundShift to instantly switch between different streaming devices.

JBL also includes a remote that allows you to control your soundbar. However, you can use your TV remote to control the volume on the soundbar, so that you don’t have to worry about constantly switching remotes.

Build Quality

As far as build quality is concerned, JBL doesn’t really leave out any of the stops for this one. The construction feels solid along with premium-feeling materials that don’t seem like they cheaped out. There is a good use of metal and high-quality plastic construction.


The included remote feels a bit cheaper than something Samsung would include. However, it works just fine and 90% of the time you’ll probably using your TV remote.


In terms of performance, this is one incredible soundbar. The JBL Bar 3.1 surprised us with it’s immense, powerful and signature sound. When it comes to bass, the subwoofer was extremely powerful. It dumps some massive low-end frequencies and with the downfiring nature, gives you a tactical punchy response.

As far as volume in concerned, there is really no situation where this soundbar isn’t loud enough. It is very loud when you want it to be, however still doesn’t loose any audio quality as you’re moving up volume levels.

The soundbar setup was quick and easy. And, you should have no issues setting it up even if you’re an amateur tech-nerd. Pretty much you just need to plug it into your TV’s HDMI and you’re all set to go! The subwoofer should automatically pairs wirelessly without any issues.

The extra center-channel speaker helps clear up voices and separate them from the rest of the audio. Mids are very clear, highs are pronounced and bass is very punchy. When comparing the JBL Bar 3.1 to other high-end soundbars, you have similar features with a high-performing speaker setup.

Final Thoughts


In conclusion, the JBL Bar 3.1 is an in great option when considering a 3.1-channel soundbar. JBL provides an excellent amount of value in terms of sound quality, build quality and high-end features. You get 450 watts of power with a dedicated center-channel, wireless subwoofer and left/right channels.

If you’re looking for a great soundbar for a small to medium sized room, then the JBL Bar 3.1 might be the one for you!

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