HeimVision HM241 & HM203 Camera Review

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While security cameras were typically reserved for businesses and wealthy individuals, that trend is changing. Security cameras are becoming more and more accessible for everyday individuals.

As the increase of technology expands, cost goes down. When cost goes down, people are able to access more and more technology that they previously couldn’t.

WiFi security cameras are one example of that technology. They are typically cameras that you set up inside or outside of your home to monitor for suspicious activity. Some people even use them as baby monitors.

It is important to make security accessible. For several reasons, but mostly to help keep as many people as safe as possible.

HeimVision is no exception to this. They make affordable cameras, security systems and baby monitoring systems. These products are accessible for the majority of people, with some products coming is as low as $20 (visit their store).

Learn more about HeimVision.

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HeimVision HM203 1080p WiFi Camera Review


The HeimVision HM203 is a 1080p WiFi home security camera. It is an HD smart surveillance camera designed to provide a wide angle for security capture.

HM203 Features

The HM203 provides 355 degrees of horizontal and 110 degrees of vertical coverage. This adds up to 360 degrees of complete coverage to access and monitor.

While it can provide a lot of coverage, the HM203 also has instant motion capture and notification. HeimVision can detect when to start capturing security footage and send instant notifications to your smartphone.

They also include support for night vision that ranges up to 49 feet or 15 meters. There is an IR LED light that allows for the night vision, but also can act as a deterrent from unwanted guests. There is also a two-way microphone speaker system so that you can talk to pets or guests (microphone in the camera as well).

The HeimVision HM203 is quite easy to setup with 2.4GHz WiFi. It allows you to use LAN ethernet as well to hardwire the camera. In the HeimVision app, you can customize the camera settings, motion detection and notification settings. In addition, you can also monitor the live feed.

HM203 Performance

The 2MP 1080P camera provides clear images that are recognizably high quality. The night vision works very well and honestly unexpectedly well.

Video playback is clear and easy to be played back while the microphone and speaker are also quite good. The HeimVision app is easy to use and has a lot of features.

The alarm notifications work well and are usable. You can check on the alarms with the app. The motion detection works very well. You can also move the camera around (almost 360 degrees) with your phone easily.

There are ways for multiple people to access the camera. For example, a lot of people who use this security camera with kids (baby-monitoring) will allow for parents and grandparents access.

HeimVision HM241 1080p WiFi Camera Review


The HeimVision HM241 1080p WiFi camera system is a beefed up version of the HM203.

HM241 Features

A HeimVision HM241 kit comes with 4 cameras and an 8 channel NVR system. This provides you with 24/7 surveillance. Similar to the HM203, the HM241 records in 1080p HD video with a 2MP camera. However, it features up to 65 feet of night vision.

The HM241 is rated as IP66 with a dust-tight and waterproof casing. In addition, it also has smartphone notifications for motion detection. And, there is a customizable detection zone and plan for each camera.

You can also connect your NVR to your home router to use the IP Pro app. This allows you to remotely access any of the cameras on any device at any time with WiFi or LTE.

Finally, the system can expand to up to 8 cameras on one NVR system and 4 wireless IP cameras.

HM241 Performance

In tests, the HeimVision HM241 performed excellently. We are very happy with the way the cameras performed.

Setup was easy and clear to follow. Additionally, the quality of images in night and day vision is remarkable for the price. One downside is that the NVR does not include it’s own hard drive, but this is easily solved by purchasing one of your own choosing.

It is important to get everything set up correctly and it is quite simple. There are onscreen prompts that walk you through the entire process. The camera setup can be a bit more difficult depending on where you are mounting them. But, honestly that has to do with your ability with a screwdriver.

The overall system should only take a few hours to a full day to install. And, will definitely provide you with a quality experience all around.

HeimVision WiFi Cameras Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for affordable accessible 1080p WiFi security camera systems, then you found the ones. The HeimVision security camera collection is filled with value-oriented exception products.

HeimVision products provide good value while still maintaining a decent price. If you have been cross shopping between others products, we would highly recommend to at least give HeimVision a try.

We will also be reviewing the HM245 wired security system, so look out for that future review!

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