Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Review

Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad


Build Quality









  • Good metal construction
  • RGB Lighting
  • Improves ergonomics
  • USB Type-C ready


  • Doesn't necessarily decrease core temperatures

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The Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad Review (Havit HV-f2056) is made possible through affiliate links. Check out other Havit products and product reviews. Is the Havit laptop cooling pad the best RGB laptop cooling pad (gaming pad)?

Laptop cooling pads have been around ever since the early days of notebooks. They were first prominent before there was a difference between a laptop and a notebook.


Laptop cooling pads are designed to take heat away from the laptop’s chassis. In addition, this allows the laptop fans to catch a break and theoretically pull more performance out of your computer.

Early laptops had severe cooling issues when they were under load. They did not have very good thermal designs and frequently overheated. Additionally, any laptop that was actually on your lap would instantly overheat because the fan ports would be covered. And what was the response to this? Cooling pads!

Although technology has advanced, there has still been a niche for cooling pads. Gaming laptops can take advantage of the extra cooling and thermal transfer gained from a laptop cooling pad.



The Havit RGB cooling pad is a slim portable laptop cooling pad designed for 15.6-17-inch laptops, but can be used for smaller 13-inch or 11-inch laptops. While reviewing the Havit cooling pad, I used my 2014 Razer Blade 14-inch. This laptop has always gotten very hot due to it’s small chassis and fan design. So, it was a great benchmark to test the Havit RGB pad’s cooling ability.


The Havit cooling pads are designed with high-quality materials. Including a lot of solid metal construction and high quality RGB LED lights. This metal surface allows for more thermal heat transfer and improved efficiency. In addition, there are 3 high-speed fans to help with cooling. These fans have blue LEDs and are very quiet.

The Havit slim portable laptop cooling pad is able to be raised up to 90mm. In addition, there are two stages of elevation. The laptop pad can double as an ergonomic stand. There is a non-slip baffle, which effectively prevents your from laptop slipping off. Additionally, these adjustments can be used to position your screen in an ergonomic way.


There is 2 USB ports on the side, one is used for power, one is a pass-through. In addition, there is a scroll wheel on the side to control fan speed. The fans can spin up to over 1100 RPMs.

RGB Lighting


Finally, we are brought to the main center piece of the Havit RGB cooling pad, the RGB. Similar to the Havit HV-f2056 cooling pad, this RGB cooling pad comes with high-quality RGB LED lighting. The lighting strips the front portion of the fan cooler and adjusts based on the speed of the fans. The faster the fans, the brighter the LEDs.

Havit RGB Cooling Pad Worth it?

Should you buy the Havit RGB laptop cooling pad? If you’re in the market, the Havit slim portable laptop cooling pad is one of the best laptop cooling pads on the market. It has a wide-range of premium features. In addition, the build quality is superb.

Actual metal construction provides good thermal transfer properties. The RGB lighting is an awesome touch that provides uniqueness. Additionally, the RGB adds color to most custom gaming setups.

Finally, the Havit RGB laptop cooling pad actually works! It will help to either cool down your laptop or prevent the heat transfer to your lap. The Havit cooling pad did help to cool my Razer Blade 14’s GPU and CPU by around 3-4 degrees. Also, it helped to reduce the fan speed and fan noise from my Razer Blade.

The biggest downside is you cannot control the RGB lighting effects. But, other than that I would highly recommend the Havit slim portable laptop cooling pad as one of the best RGB laptop cooling pads!

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