Havit RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Havit RGB Wired Gaming Mouse


Build Quality









  • Cheap, good value
  • RGB Lighting
  • Adjustable DPI settings
  • Tested for 3,000,000 clicks
  • Driver/program support


  • Not many color effect options
  • Sensor is not as high DPI as some premium mice
  • No weight adjustment

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Gaming mice have been around for years now. They become very prominent when FPS and competition style eSports games become popular. As the competition in eSports increased, so did the need for gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, mouse pads and even more.

In addition to high-precision sensors, gaming mice featured on-the-fly adjustments for DPI, programmable buttons, and increased durability. For gamers, these features made gaming mice very important for beating out the competition.

During the past 5-6 years gaming mice have developed RGB lighting. This allows gamers to match their mouse lighting to the rest of their gaming setup’s RGB.

Havit supplies a line of well-priced gaming gear: keyboards, mice, mouse pads, and more!



The Havit RGB mouse (formerly known as the Magic Eagle mouse) is a cheap programmable, ergonomic, wired gaming mouse. Now cheap does not mean bad, it is filled with premium mouse features! The Havit gaming mouse is one of the best cheap gaming mice you can buy!


Firstly, the Havit mouse features a high-precision dynamic sensor. In addition, it has 6 adjustable DPI levels (800-1600-2400-3200-4000-4800 DPI). The RGB lighting on the mouse can reflect which DPI setting you are currently on. Also, there is a specific button for the RGB lighting.

The right and left click switches are rated for 3,000,000 clicks. This means that the mouse should last you for a very long time and a lot of gaming sessions. In addition, the mouse features a 1.8m (6.0ft) braided cable. Adding to the durability of the mouse, the braided cable helps stop fraying and wire splitting.

The Havit RGB gaming mouse is comparable in features to premium mice like the Razer DeathAdder. But, the DeathAdder and other premium gaming mice will have higher DPI and more customization. However, the Havit mouse does beat out pretty much every other cheap gaming mouse in our round-up.


Havit mouse driver software is available for the Magic Eagle mouse here.

Havit RGB Gaming Mouse Pad


Havit’s RGB mouse pad compliments the Havit RGB gaming mouse well. The gaming mouse pad features similar RGB lighting. In addition, the RGB mouse pad is made of super fibers and a very soft cloth surface with non-slip rubber base. The Havit gaming mouse slides easily on the mouse pad with accurate and precise tracking.


The gaming mouse pad adds an extra layer of RGB lighting to your setup. Along with the Havit gaming mouse, it gives your setup a touch of uniqueness and another step up in performance.

Final Thoughts

Simply, the Havit RGB gaming mouse is one of the best valued gaming mice money can buy. It has a plethora of rich features found only on premium gaming mice. Additionally, when using Havit’s drivers and software along with other Havit gaming devices, you can put together a pretty good setup.

A few downsides to the Havit mouse is the lack of programmable buttons. But, Havit does sell another gaming mouse with 14 programmable buttons. It also features interchangeable plates, thus increasing customization. Additionally, this mouse fixes one of my other problems: weight.

Although there is a few gripes, the Havit mouse is a great choice for anyone looking for a cheap RGB gaming mouse!

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