FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Scale Review

FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Digital Scale


Build Quality






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When it comes to smart BMI scales, there are a lot of cheap ones out on the market. While you might get by with a less expensive option, it probably won’t last very long.

We were doing some research on the top options for fitness scales when we came across FitTrack. They are a company that make several fitness themed products including smart watches, trackers and scales.

So, today we’ll be taking a look at the FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Scale. And, in this review, we’ll discuss the build quality, features, design and performance about the Dara Smart Scale.


Starting with the features of the FitTrack Dara. FitTrack uses dual BIA technology to accurately calculate 17 different body measurements. These measurements include; BMI (body mass index), muscle mass, fat content, and obesity levels.

Knowing different types of body fat calculations can be important to tracking fitness. While many people think that loosing weight is important to health. However, a combination of increasing your muscle, decreasing fat and maintaining a healthy weight is all important.

Additionally, the FitTrack Dara Smart Scale can support up to 8 users profiles per devices. This means that even if you have a large family, you don’t need multiple scales in the household. You can use one scale to suite the entire family. It even keeps individual results private from other profiles.

Next, Dara offers weight management. This specific system helps you increase your awareness of diet, lifestyle and changes can all affect your health. It helps monitor aspects of your body mass so theoretically exercise can be more effective.

Finally, FitTrack boasts award-winning precision technology. They use high-end quality components to make sure weights are precise and body composition calculations are accurate.

Build Quality

Next up is the build quality. The Dara has a glass top that shows through to a colored bottom portion. You have the choice of either black or a dark gray (almost black). There are four metal plates that send signals through your body to read different body percentages.

On the bottom, there is rubber feet to help stop the scale from moving around when standing on it. And, you also get access to the battery tray.

As far as feel goes, the build quality seems premium. It doesn’t seem like they cut corners when designing the Dara. Compared to other smart scales that we’ve used (some of which can feel extremely cheap), the Dara feels great on your feet!


As mentioned before, you have a choice between white or dark gray coloring. This means that you should easily be able to match it to your bathroom colors. And, FitTrack uses a very modern design asthetic.

The screen is adequately lit and even has a hint of modern design to it. In addition, the FitTrack Dara, is fairly footprint resistant, meaning that you have less cleaning to do!


When it comes to performance, the FitTrack Dara BMI Smart Scale doesn’t disappoint! While we don’t have 100% accurate numbers to compare it to, to other smart scales, it’s in similar ranges. Calculations are easy to read and understand, and you can save all of your data for tracking purposes.

Additionally, you can easily connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to have even more data for more intelligent workouts!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion of the FitTrack Dara Scale Review; we were extremely impressed with this smart scale. The inclusion of many premium features, a high-tier build quality, and modern design showed a lot of promise.

You should have improved workouts with more accurate information, and more complete fitness tracking.

As far as value is concerned, for the price, this is a great smart scale option. If you’re in the market for a smart scale to do it all (BMI, body fat, muscle mass, water weight, etc.), then the Dara is the scale for you!

If you’re interested in a more budget option, check out the FitBit Aria Air!

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