Best Falling Icicle Lights

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The best falling icicle lights are the Blingstar Meteor Shower Lights. I bought them for my mom for Christmas last year and they are great. They can be outside all year long without any issues, the LED’s are bright and uniform, and we haven’t had any problems.

It’s that time of year again, and you’ll most likely start decorating for Christmas soon. There are a lot of great outdoor LED Christmas projector lights you can use.

However, you might want something a bit different this year!

Today we have these really cool LED falling icicle lights. They look great in an outdoor setting or even if you use them indoors. Many use new LED technology to have color changing modes, dynamic “falling” modes, and even have a “dripping” setting.

What are Falling Icicle Lights?

Falling icicle lights or dripping icicle lights are LED lights in a tube that animate in a way that looks like a melting icicle.

Typically, they are waterproof (suitable for outdoor use), and even might have RGB lighting. In addition, most icicle lights have several built-in animation modes for the most versatile decorating.

Best Falling Icicle Lights

Blingstar Meteor Shower Lights

Blingstar Meteor Shower Lights 16Inch 20Tubes 720LED Christmas Lights Outdoor Waterproof Falling Rain Lights Extendable Cascading Icicle Lights for Indoor Outside Xmas Halloween Tree Decor, Cool White
  • ✨20Tubes with Longer Length✨ Blingstar upgraded meteor shower lights has 20 tubes in 1string, each tube is 16inch with 36 LED beads, total 720 LEDs.(Instead of the common 8 tubes 12inch 192 LED…
  • ✨Bright LED & Durable Plastic✨ High brightness SMD2835 LED chips provide 360-degree light-emitting angle in low consumption, the falling rain lights look more shiny and attractive when they drop…
  • ✨Safe & Easy to Use✨ Powered by US standard plug with UL certified, the Christmas lights outdoor has 7V working voltage, lower than 30V safe body voltage, no risk of fire and electric shock….
  • ✨IP56 Waterproof for Applications✨ Equipped with sealed glue cap, the cascading Christmas lights is IP56 waterproof that can withstand rainy and snowy weather, suits for indoor and outside…
Blingstar Meteor Shower Lights, Upgraded 16 Inch 10 Tubes 360 LED Falling Rain Lights, Warm White Solar Meteor Lights, Outdoor Christmas Decorations for Tree Yard Porch Party Wedding Holiday
  • ☀️UPGRADED DESIGN – The new Christmas lights come with 10 tubes (instead of 8). Each tube is 40.6cm/16″ long and 50cm/20″ apart. Adopting high quality SMD2835 LED chips (instead of cheap dim…
  • ☀️HIGH ENERGY EFFICIENCY – 【Fast Charging】As we have increased the conversion efficiency of the solar panel, it takes only 5 hours for the outdoor tube lights to be fully charged. 【Long…
  • ☀️SHATTERPROOF&WATERPROOF – The solar meteor shower rain lights are IP56 waterproof. They are designed to stand the wear and tear of outdoor use. The durable plastic material can protect the tube…
  • ☀️EASY TO USE: There is 2 way for installation: mount the solar panel on the wall by screws, OR insert in the ground by the stake. After installation, the built-in light sensor will keep the drop…

Novtech Christmas Icicle Lights (Multicolor)


Starting this list off with the Novtech Christmas Icicle Lights. These LED indoor outdoor lights are a multicolor set with a unique design.

Firstly, they offer up to four colors (warm, white, multicolor 1, multicolor 2). There are 11 built-in modes that range from color changing, to glowing, to blinking, to a slow-melt. You can choose from 1 of 4 brightness levels (depending on what type of atmosphere you want).


In addition, you can use the built-in timer function to set the lights at night and forget about them. The timer has a variety of settings, but will allow for 6 hours on/18 hours off or a combination of those. Not only does the timer save you power, but it also gives you customizability for an exterior setup.


Next, the Novtech lights are rated IP44 waterproof (learn more). IP44 wires can withstand most weather conditions, including rain and snow. Additionally, the LED’s are rated for in-climate weather. The LED’s are low-voltage and have CE and UL certifications. They have an output of 9 watts and average 100,000 hours of lifespan.

Finally, Novtech includes a remote control so you can wirelessly adjust your light settings.

WATERGLIDE Outdoor Icicle Christmas Lights


Next we have the WATERGLIDE Outdoor Icicle Christmas Lights. These are a more traditionally styled falling light with a melt animation preset.

You can choose from white, blue or multicolor LED’s, but each will have the same basic design. This specific set comes with 10 icicles that contain a total of 240 LED bulbs. The icicles consist of a translucent downpipe that contains 14 LED chips.

The stock effect has each LED going off/on in order so it looks like there is a melting or falling effect. In addition, the actual icicles are made from high-quality PC plastic, and SMD LED beads. They are very bright, and have a premium build.


WATERGLIDE also makes sure that they have an IP65 rating. This means that they can be used in the outdoors with rain, snow or any other bad weather conditions.

Finally, each set of lights can be connected to up to 2 additional sets. This means you can have 3 sets all hooked together for an awesome outdoor display.

Ponwec Falling Icicle Lights


Next, we have the Ponwec Falling Icicle Lights. They come in either a 12-pack or 24-pack variant, but only in one color.

Ponwec uses a plastic tube surrounding the LED chips that is IP65 water resistant. You can use them outdoors in the rain, snow, or really any weather conditions. Additionally, they are dustproof if you do live near an area with a lot of sand/dust.


They are programmed to look like snow falling, or icicles melting with the LED’s going on/off in that pattern. You can use them outdoors, but a lot of people also use them indoors on their Christmas trees or mantles.


The 24-pack set comes with 576 individual LED bulbs, which make up for 24 chips per icicle. Ponwec uses LED’s that are rated for 30,000 hours of life, and are a 5000K color temperature. The icicle tubes are rhombus-shaped, and have a transparent texture for maximum light output.

Finally, Ponwec offers a warranty to help you if you have any troubles. And, they do make it obvious that the plugs for the lights are not waterproof, just the lights themselves!

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