Enermax CPU Cooler Full Lineup Comparison & Review

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When researching another AIO coolers we found the Enermax Aquafusion and Liqfusion CPU coolers.

AIO CPU coolers have become much more affordable over the past few years. They were originally reserved for only high-end custom gaming builds. But, are now more affordable to the common PC builder.

If you have researched computer components recently, you’ll know that there are some brands that are more prominent than others.

Enermax has been around over over 25 years and is always a brand that comes to mind. They specialize in high-end computer components and peripherals (check out their full store here).

Enermax CPU Cooler: Aquafusion 240 & Aquafusion 120


When you start to compare the Enermax CPU cooler lineup, the newest additions are the Aquafusion coolers. These are AIO RGB coolers that feature the newest most updated technology.

While there are other features that they add, one of the most prominent is the ARGB (addressable RGB) lighting and unique LED design. The Aquafusion CPU coolers add a modern style that adds a lot of character to your PC build.

Enermax Aquafusion 240


Starting off, we’ll be taking a look at the Aquafusion 240 AIO CPU cooler. This is the 240mm radiator option that offers an updated look and performance.

While comparing the Aquafusion 240 against other AIO liquid coolers, it offers similar features at a more affordable price.

The Aquafusion 240 has a 240mm radiator that supports two 120mm fans. The included fans spin at anywhere from 500-2000 RPM depending on what the motherboard decides. In addition, they operate at anywhere from 17-32.6 decibels.


The first of the features include the updated unique square RGB LED design. This design is on the main CPU cooler and carries over to the radiator fans. There are LEDs on the front and back of the fans and they can be fully adjusted with 16.8 million colors. The fans are ARGB and are connected via a 5V 3-pin header.


Next, the fans provide up to 40% stronger airflow versus older Enermax CPU cooler designs. The square fan design and enlarged blade surface allows for a better cooling performance over previous designs.

Additionally, the cooler supports both Intel and AMD sockets.

Enermax Aquafusion 120


We won’t go super in-depth with the Aquafusion 120, because it is basically identical to the 240. The only difference when comparing the two is the single 120mm fan vs the dual 120mm fans in the 240.

Everything else is identical including the fans, RGB lighting and CPU cooler.

Enermax Aquafusion CPU Cooler Performance (120 & 240)


So how is the performance of the Aquafusion CPU coolers? Short and sweet: very good.

They both have excellent cooling potential. In addition, they also have easily one of the best LED designs out there. The fans look incredible and the CPU block also is gorgeous. If you’re searching for the best looking AIO CPU cooler, this is it!

The coolers come in either white or black which is a plus. And, they have very good customer service.

A few cons include the noise after 1000 RPM. When the fans ramp up, they can get on the loud side. However, if they do ramp up, that means that you most likely need the extra cooling. Another con is that the cooler doesn’t come in 280mm. However, you can look at the Liqfusion 360mm if you need a bigger cooler.

Enermax Liqfusion 360 CPU Cooler


Next up is the older, but still viable Enermax Liqfusion CPU cooler lineup. These include the 240 and 360, but we’ll be looking specifically at the 360.


The Liqfusion 360 is a 360mm cooler that features three 120mm fans. It features a patented flow indicator that allows you to visually monitor performance. The monitor lets you see loop operation and coolant level.

Additionally, there is ARGB (addressable RGB lighting) that is controlled via a 5V 3-pin header. It also supports Enermax TB which supports the latest sync functions. If you don’t want to use your motherboard header, you can use the integrated controls to use 14 pre-set RGB effects.


Liqfusion Performance

How do the Liqfusion CPU coolers perform? Actually very well. The RGB on the system looks fantastic. It is similar to the Aquafusion coolers, but has a different aesthetic.

The Liqfusion can get loud under load, but definitely cool down your CPU easily. Additionally, the flow and performance indicator is a very cool addition. It is unique and works as expected.

Now there is some users that have reported a lot of issues with LEDs dying. But, Enermax has really good customer support and if you contact them, they should take care of any issues. With that said, you shouldn’t let any issues like that scare you away from this AIO cooler.

Final Thoughts

Which Enermax CPU cooler should you buy: Aquafusion 240 AIO CPU cooler, Aquafusion 120, or Liqfusion 360?

Well, as we mentioned before, there are several other versions of Enermax coolers. We only looked at a few. However, in our opinion these are by far the best versions that you can get.

The Aquafusion AIO coolers provide incredible performance along with beautiful aesthetics. There is really no questioned that these are the coolers you should go for.

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