DEEPCOOL CPU Cooler Lineup: Castle 360EX VS Castle 240EX

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If you made it here, you are most likely considering one of the DEEPCOOL CPU coolers. In this review, we’ll be going reviewing and comparing the DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX and Castle 240EX. In addition, we’ll also be taking a look at the older Captain 240PRO V2.

These are all various takes on the all-in-one (AIO) CPU liquid cooler. Liquid coolers use a liquid (usually water) to carry thermal heat away from the CPU. Liquid or water cooling is usually higher performing when compared to typical air coolers.

If you’re building a high-performance custom gaming computer, you probably want the best CPU cooler that you can get. Especially if you’re planning on overclocking. DEEPCOOL makes high-performance air and liquid CPU coolers (read more about their history here). But, we’ll be taking a look at their liquid coolers.



Starting off with the DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX. This is an addressable RGB AIO liquid CPU cooler by DEEPCOOL. It boasts several premium features while still keeping a relatively fair price.


The Castle 360EX is a 360mm cooler. This means that the cooler has 120mm fans in a triple fan array. The 3 120mm fans help air flow through a radiator that cools liquid passing through.

The fans have an operating speed of 500-1800 RPM depending on how fast they need to spin. They also operate at a noise level of less than or equal to 32 decibels. In our testing, they never got that loud.


Inside the Castle 360EX, there is anti-leak technology that prevents any liquid from leaking on your computer components. In addition, the flow route is optimized for low operating noise and thermal capacity. There are 25% more fins on the back of the radiator base adding to the heat exhaustion surface area.


The included TF120 fans are designed to work with this specific radiator. Finally, the CPU cooler itself has a customizable ARGB logo. It is controlled by a 5V 3-pin addressable RGB header and further adjusted with RGB software.

Castle 360EX Performance


The DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX performed well in tests. It is, at least on our list, one of the top AIO CPU coolers that you can get.

There is an extensive list of pro’s, however, we’ll just go through the top ones.

Firstly, the RGB lighting. RGB lighting is more common than ever. And it is nice to have everything sync and work with no issues. Secondly, it has extremely easy installation. The installation process is a simple process for Intel or AMD based systems and can accommodate any mounting orientation.

Next, there is quality braiding on the tubes running to the radiator. You can easily bend them however you need to with no issues. Additionally, the AIO pump and CPU cooler itself are incredible. The Castle 360EX does a great job of keeping the CPU cool while not being extremely loud. Finally, the look and style of the cooler is very good. It has a modern clean aesthetic that will look good with any build.

The biggest con to the Castle360EX or any of the DEEPCOOL CPU coolers for that matter is the lack of included RGB fans. RGB is quite common, as mentioned before, and it is nice when manufacturers include RGB fans. However, a lot of gamers are opting for non-RGB components, so I could see why they might not include them.

If you want to add your own RGB fans, these premium fans are the best you can buy. Or, the Apevia RGB fans are an amazing value you can’t pass up on!



While the 360EX is a great choice if you have the room, the DEEPCOOL Castle 240EX is perfect for smaller cases. If you’re looking for the best performance, go with a 360mm cooler. But, if you don’t have the space, a 240mm is your next best option.


The Castle 240EX is very similar to the 360EX except instead of triple 120mm fans, it has dual 120m fans.


It still boasts the same premium features while providing a smaller footprint. There is anti-leak technology preventing the pipes from leaking cooling fluid. Additionally, there is optimized flow routes to provide the quietest experience you can get.


The 2 TF120 fans are included and designed specifically for this cooler. There is once again 5V 3-pin addressable RGB on the CPU cooler logo. And finally, the radiator has 25% more fins for more heat extraction surface area.

Castle 240EX Performance


The DEEPCOOL Castle 240EX has similar performance to the 360EX however, with slightly worse thermals. This is expected because you are loosing a whole 120mm fan.

There have been some users that have obtained a stable 5GHz clock on an Intel Core 9900k, which is solid performance for a 240mm radiator.

In our testing, we didn’t push it quite that hard. But, we didn’t even see temperatures above 50-52 degrees Celsius (which is incredibly good).

As we mentioned before, the best feature of this cooler is the looks. This CPU cooler looks incredible. It is very well designed and style. The RGB is stylish without being tacky and the actual look for the cooler is sleek.

DEEPCOOL CPU Cooler Comparison: Final Thoughts

So, which DEEPCOOL CPU cooler is right for you, the Castle 360EX or Castle 240EX? Well, quite honestly the price difference isn’t that big so if you can afford the space in your case, go with the Castle 360EX.

The DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX is an extremely good AIO CPU cooler. It is very well-built, looks great and provides excellent thermal performance. If you can’t fit a 360mm radiator, then the 240EX is a very good second choice. Both will provide you with a phenomenal cooling solution.

There are several pro’s that really add value to its price tag. And realistically, there is only really one con; the lack of included RGB fans.

But, again, adding your own premium RGB fans or budget RGB fans is relatively simple. It shouldn’t really be considered a “con”, but is the only real downside to the DEEPCOOL CPU cooler family!


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