darkFlash CS140 140mm RGB Case Fans Review

darkFlash 140mm RGB Case Fan (CS140)


Build Quality









  • 140mm Addressable RGB
  • Good light diffusion
  • Compatible with motherboard 5V 3-pin headers


  • Lighting isn't as bright as some of the competition
  • No center-hub illumination
  • Not very high static pressure

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darkFlash CS140 140mm Addressable 3IN1 Addressable RGB Case Cooling Fans Quiet Edition for Computer Cases

The Setup Guru – EveryHomeTech.com

Why do you need RGB fans for you computer case? Well you don’t need them, but they definitely will help improve the look and quality of your system! Adding color coordinated components to your build helps add to the uniqueness.

darkFlash CS140 Features


The darkFlash 140mm RGB fans are packed full with premium features at a competitive price.In addition, the CS140’s are available for use with the darkFlash Phantom, J11, DLM 22, or DLM 21 cases.

Firstly, the darkFlash RGB fans are compatible with Addressable RGB. They are able to connect via 5V 3-pin motherboard header’s to provide excellent control over each individual LED. Addressable RGB allows complete control over the brightness, color and speed of each LED unit. This will work with Asus Aura, Mystic Light, and other “RGB software”.

But, you can still use the included fan hub and remote control to adjust the fans. It is not IR, which means that you don’t need a line of sight to control the hub!

The LEDs are bright, but not the brightest. The colors are accurate and diffused well. However, they do not have center-hub illumination which was disappointing.


Next, the darkFlash RGB fans are built extremely well. They come equipped with rubber mounting points, and a hydraulic bearing. Because of this, operating noise is reduced and efficiency is increased. Also, he hydraulic bearing is self-lubricating to add longevity.

Finally, there are 60 kinds of RGB lighting effects that the fan hub is capable of creating. If you use the 5V addressable RGB header, the possibilities are endless.

Final Thoughts

The darkFlash 140mm RGB fans are a phenomenal value. They have a great in-hand build quality, great RGB lighting, capable controller and hub, and are a killer price!


These fans are one of the only RGB fans you can find that compete with Corsair’s 140mm RGB fans (LL series, QL series). They don’t have 100% of the features that Corsair offers, but they are a fraction of the price.

The darkFlash 140mm RGB fans are directly compatible with the darkFlash Phantom, J11, T20, Aurora DR12, DLM 22, and DLM 21 gaming cases.

I would highly recommend the darkFlash CS140 RGB fan for anyone looking for a cheap well-performing RGB fan!

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