Cooler Master MM830 Gaming Mouse Review

Cooler Master MM830 Gaming Mouse


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When it comes to gaming, Cooler Master is easily one of the most popular brands around. They make exceptional cooling equipment, along with cases, peripherals, and even some hardware components.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the MM830 Gaming Mouse from Cooler Master. This mouse directly rivals other gaming mice such as the Logitech G502. From size, shape, performance and RGB, they are very similar.

So, we’ll be taking a look at the features, performance, build quality and lighting on the MM830. As well as comparing it to it’s closest rival, the Logitech G502.


Starting off with the features of the MM830 Gaming Mouse.

Firstly, one of the coolest (but also least useful), is the OLED screen on the side of the mouse. The OLED screen can be controlled within Cooler Master’s software, and is used to display different settings. Although a cool feature, it is difficult to see this screen when you’re actually using the mouse.


Next up, is the integrated D-Pad. This pad sits right where your thumb rests. It allows you to not only have extra buttons, but also use almost a “shift+” function to have a whole other set of functionality. If you’re into programming, video editing or photo editing, this feature comes in handy when setting macros or hotkeys!

Along with the D-Pad, you also get some extra buttons that can be completely configured within Cooler Master’s software (Master Plus). These include a top DPI button, and typical scroll wheel/left/right click.


Additionally, the MM830 features a 24K DPI sensor. This is one of the highest DPI sensors on the market with completely adjustable levels from 100-24,000 DPI. You can completely adjust x-axis and y-axis DPI as well.

Build Quality

As far as build quality is concerned, the MM830 is built very well. Cooler Master utilizes a combination of high-quality materials, solid construction, and years of experience to create a good product.

All of the plastics used are PBT plastic to minimize wear and tear. And, you get Omron click switches with Japanese ALPS scroll encoder. The switches and mouse itself should last you several years without severe wear and tear.

RGB Lighting

As for LED lighting (RGB lighting), the MM830 features under glow, a Cooler Master logo, and the scroll wheel all illuminated. All of which can be completely customized with 16.7 million colors in the Master Plus software.

The RGB LED’s are bright, color accurate and get the job done when it comes to lighting. You should easily be able to sync this product up with other gaming peripherals to match whatever setup you have!



When it comes to performance, the MM830 Gaming Mouse is very good. The 24,000 DPI sensor provides you with plenty of lead way for performance. It has accurate tracking and reliable predictibility.

The grip feels natural while not being overdone. It is very similar to a G502, but with a more grippy feeling material used (rubber and PBT plastic). In addition, the bigger size of this mouse helps you to easily move it around on your desk.

For weight, it is a fairly light mouse (for it’s size). The MM830 doesn’t have adjustable weight like the G502, however it should be an adequate weight for most gamers. It is lighter than the G502 with all of it’s plates put in.

Final Thoughts: MM830 vs G502


So, in conclusion, which mouse should you go with the Cooler Master MM830 vs Logitech G502?

In terms of performance, the MM830 is a newer more technologically advanced product. However, the Logitech G502 is a staple in the gaming community.

If you’re deciding between both, then quite honestly we’d go with whatever one you could get a better price on. Although, if they’re around the same price (not on sale), then we’d go with the Cooler Master MM830. It is a bit more up-to-date and has some extra features the G502 doesn’t.

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