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What is the Best Pink Gaming Chair for girl gamers (and guy gamers)? Well, today we’ll be going over our top choices that are currently on the market!

In recent years, gaming chairs have made a massive swing in the office chair market. They have become a gamer’s choice for their office chair. However, a lot of people have had complaints that they weren’t that exciting (especially for girl gamers).

Well, lucky for the gaming community, manufacturers started making pink color gaming chairs! They’re basically the same as other chairs, but with a new vibrant color scheme. Some of these chairs feature bunny ears too!

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What to Look for in the Best Pink Gaming Chair

Finding a gaming chair for girls can be difficult because a lot of these chairs are targeted at mine. But, when you’re looking for the pink gaming chairs, there are a few things you should consider (source).

  • Footrest: Keeping your feet up and extended can help with your posture. And, help to maximize comfort.
  • Head & Lumbar Pillows: These pillows help to increase comfort when sitting for long durations.
  • Design: Some gaming chairs are targeted at girl gamers with specific qualities, such as a “bunny chair“.
  • Massaging: Newer gaming chairs have massaging functions built-in.
  • Speakers: Newer gaming chairs can also have built-in USB audio speakers.
  • Colors: Black and pink, white and pink gaming chairs? Your decision!
  • Heavy Duty: You want a heavy duty gaming chair that helps provide a lot of support, and durability for many years.

As you can see there are several factors to consider when picking out your chair. With that said, let’s get into it.

All of these chairs have specific qualities that make them perfect for this list. Each is the “best” in it’s own category.

EWIN Pink Gaming Chair


Starting off the Best Pink Gaming Chairs with the EWIN Pink Gaming Chair. This is a heavy duty pink and white chair that an a very premium build quality.

It has 4D armrests that are built to last, a solid construction and their awesome SoftWeave fabric. This fabric differentiates itself from other gaming chairs due to it being a very high-quality cloth material. They don’t use any PU leather, just a reliable breathable fabric.

We were extremely impressed with their chairs. If you want to read the full review, check it out here.

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GTRACING Gaming Chair (with Speakers)


Next up is the pink and white gaming chair from GTRACING. This GT890M in Sakura Pink gaming chair is one of those with speakers built-in.

The speakers use Bluetooth to connect to and are powered by a USB cable that you can hook up to your computer. They have up to 6 hours of playback, or you can plug them in for max functionality.

GTRACING includes a headrest pillow and lumbar support pillow for maximum comfort. The chair is made out of pink and white PU leather that accents the design well.

Goplus Massage Gaming Chair


This is the Goplus Massage Gaming Chair in Pink and Black, which acts as a great option for girl gamers. The chair is unique due to the massage feature, as well as the color scheme (black and pink).

It features a full PU leather design with lumbar and neck pillows. The lumbar pillow has a built-in massager. Arm rails and backrest are both adjustable, along with an adjustable base.

Finally, the Goplpus Gaming Chair also has a storage pouch for a power supply so you can plug in devices to charge or the massager. It makes a great chair for girl gamers due to the color scheme and ergonomics.

AutoFull Gaming Chair (with Rabbit Ears)


Next up is the AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair (with Bunny Ears). It’s not hard to tell why this chair is unique to the lineup. It has bunny (rabbit) ears! In addition, the color scheme is pink and white.

Similar to the other chairs, it has a PU leather body with lumbar and neck support. It also has a 3 year warranty, which other chairs don’t offer. The armrests, base and backrest are all adjustable. And, AutoFull uses premium memory foam.

Finally, the bunny ears. They’re cute bunny ears with an included fluffy armrest cover. They definitely give off a “girl gamer” look!

Homall Girl Gaming Chair


So the Homall Girl Gaming Chair (Purple and Pink) is next up. This chair offers the first purple color scheme in this list. So, if you need a purple and pink gaming chair for your set up, this is the chair for you!

Girl gamers will love this chair because of the unique use of pink with purple accents. The armrests are two-toned along with the lumbar and neck rest pillows.

The embroidery is also in an accent purple color which really adds a good design element to the chair.

Finally, the cushions on this Homall Girl Gaming Chair are extremely soft, comfortable and cushy.

VON RACER Gaming Chair with Footrest

The VON RACER Pink Gaming Chair with Footrest is one of the cheapest gaming chairs on our list. While being affordable, it definitely doesn’t cut corners.

This chair is white and pink and has a footrest with massaging lumbar pillow. It also is very affordable. They use PU leather that they claim is fade resistant which is very comfortable. VON RACER includes all of the necessary tools and hardware to assemble the gaming chair.

They offer a 1 year warranty on any parts and customer service is available.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, when it comes to the best pink gaming chair there is a lot of options. However, you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a chair with a lot of features.

We were very impressed with the Ewin Pink Gaming Chair. It has several premium features, a high-quality build, and an awesome SoftWeave fabric construction. Additionally, you can use our code “everyhometech” for 20% off!

But, if you’re looking for more “fun” features like a footrest, speakers or RGB lighting, then you might have to look elsewhere. Any of the chairs on this list are an awesome option if you’re interested in getting a gaming chair that is pink!

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