BEST Cooler Master Keyboard [Ultimate Guide]

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While Cooler Master (CoolerMaster) might be a brand you associate with computer components, they have recently begun manufacturing peripherals. In this ULTIMATE GUIDE we will be taking a look at several mechanical keyboard sets from Cooler Master. Along with a keyboard and mouse combo as well.

Over the past 5-7 years, mechanical gaming keyboards have really made their way into the mainstream market. There have also been some mech-mechanical or mem-mechanical gaming keyboards surfacing as well. As these technologies become more and more affordable, they are more accessible than ever.

We were interested in seeing which is the best Cooler Master keyboard (CoolerMaster keyboard – depending on how you spell it) and which one you should purchase for your gaming setup?

We will be evaluating each keyboard in several categories including; build quality, lighting, and performance. These will be as in-depth as possible.

However, if you wish to skip to the end to find out our final verdict, click here.

Cooler Master MS110 Keyboard and Mouse Combo


First up in this comparison, we have the Cooler Master MS110 keyboard and mouse combo.

This keyboard combo has a few advantages. First, it is the cheapest keyboard in our lineup. It not only has a keyboard, but also includes a mouse. And, the MS110 can be commonly found on sale.


There are several features in the MS110 keyboard and mouse combo that make it competitive with other premium keyboards. These start with a floating key design. This design is a sleek convenient design that gives a modern style.


In addition, the MS110 features mem-chemical switches. This term is coined by Cooler Master to describe their linear switches. These linear switches provide more responsiveness and feedback than membrane switches.

There is on-board RGB lighting control along with many multimedia controls (windows lock, play, pause, forward, backward, and volume up/down). The mouse features a gaming grade optical sensor that allows you to adjust your DPI on-the-fly with 4 levels (400, 800, 1600, 3200).


Along with the RGB lighting control, there is 6-zones of RGB illumination on the keyboard and 3-zones on the mouse.


The Cooler Master MS110 combo is a very good offering for the price. It performs extremely well, especially when compared to other budget keyboard combos. The linear switches have a different feeling when compared to a traditional mechanical keyboard. But, honestly they feel good.

There isn’t a lot of mushiness or give, it is a decent amount of pressure required. However, the reason you buy this keyboard is for the RGB lighting. The RGB is incredible. The LEDs are very bright, and have good color accuracy.

Finally, the keys sound good as well. There isn’t a loud annoying click sound, but a tactile click sound. The keyboard and keys seem well-made and are actually quite heavy. This helps make the MS110 feel premium and heavy-duty.

Cooler Master Keys Pro L RGB Gaming Keyboard


The Cooler Master Keys Pro L RGB gaming keyboard is the next one in our lineup. This keyboard comes in a few different versions and we won’t be going through all of them. However, they all are very similar minus a few features.

We checked out the full keyboard layout with Cherry MX blue switches.


The biggest, most apparent feature on the Keys Pro L keyboard is the Cherry MX switches. If you haven’t used blue switches before, they’re extremely tactile and clicky. They are LOUD. If you need quiet switches, go with the browns.

Next, would be the RGB lighting with 16.7 million color options. The keys are individually lit with their own per key LED. There is multiple lighting modes with full customization without using Cooler Master sofware (you can download it here).


Additional features include; on-the-fly macros and profile support, 100% anti-ghosting, 6-key rollover and full Mac or Windows support.


So how does the Cooler Master Keys Pro L RGB gaming keyboard perform? Well, starting off it has great build quality. It is very robust and feels like it is built with premium materials.

Additionally, the Cooler Master software is easy to use and intuitive. It makes programming the keys easy along with the customizable RGB lighting. Admittedly, there are better softwares out there (Razer and Corsair), however, it works.

The RGB lighting is extremely bright and vibrant. It definitely gets the job done as far as RGB is concerned. The keys are individually lit with fully customizable LEDs.

Finally, the actually keys and switches are awesome. Cherry MX blues are one of our favorite mechanical switches for several reasons. They provide excellent feedback and the sound isn’t bothersome. It is an incredible feeling switch and is highly recommended.

Cooler Master SK-650 Low Profile Gaming Keyboard

Finally, we have made it to the last Cooler Master keyboard in our lineup. This is the Cooler Master SK-650 mechanical keyboard with low profile switches and keys.

Like the Keys Pro L, the SK-650 has several options you can choose from.

Firstly you can choose from black or white layout.

  • SK650 (full keyboard layout)
  • SK630 (ten keyless layout)
  • SK621 (60% key layout)


We have the SK650 full keyboard layout black version. This version has the Cherry MX low profile switches. These switches feature a reduced travel distance and actuation point so that they aren’t as intrusive. Typically, most people can type faster on a low-profile keyboard as well.

The SK650 has a brushed aluminum design that makes the keyboard feel extremely premium. It has a slim top plate for a modern style. And, has a floating keycap design adding to the modern look.

Additionally, what premium keyboard would be complete with RGB lighting? The SK650 has individually lit per-key LED backlighting. It is fully customizable and RGB. There are also included on-the-fly controls so that you don’t have to bother with programming it yourself. However, you can customize them if you want to!


In our opinion, this is the best looking Cooler Master keyboard. The design is a perfect mixture of modern style with robust industrial usability.

This keyboard is a heavy reminder of a laptop keyboard, so take that as you will. The Cherry MX switches aren’t very tactile and don’t respond unless you bottom them out. They are also sensitive.

It is an extremely good looking keyboard.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we have made it to the conclusion. What is the best Cooler Master keyboard? Which one should you buy?

Well, it is totally based on what features you’re looking for. These are all good keyboard choices. Personally, we would choose the Cooler Master Keys Pro L RGB. It is a good looking keyboard and provides an excellent tactile feedback with the Cherry MX blue switches.

It has high-quality premium feel while still maintaining functionality. If you’re cross-shopping other premium keyboards, we highly recommend checking out the Razer BlackWidow as an option.

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