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What is the Best Automatic Soap Dispenser for your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you want? Today we’re going to be exploring automatic soap dispenser options and giving you a purchase decision.

When it comes to washing hands, there has been an especially big emphasis on it this year. One of the most annoying things is when you have dirty or soiled hands, but you have to touch your soap container. Well, automatic soap dispensers are here to solve that problem.

They are meant to be used to cut the transmission of germs, dirt or bacteria from your hands to the top of the container. And, in turn allow you to wash your hands without the hassle of having to pump soap. While it might seem silly, this little convenience is actually a dramatic improvement to the hand washing procedure.

In addition to the automatic nature of the soap dispenser, many of them are also touchless. So, this means that there is no physical transmission involved with touch.

What is an Automatic Soap Dispenser?


Automatic soap dispensers are like traditional soap dispensers except that have some sort of sensor that triggers soap to come out. Typically these units are touchless as well. This allows them to be extremely sanitary and provide you with a easy and clean hand-washing experience.

Our Top Choices

Secura Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser


Quick Points

  • 17 oz. container capacity
  • 4 colors to choose from (Brushed Nickle, Dark Gunmetal, Chrome, Silver)
  • Battery powered
  • Touchless
  • Adjustable flow rate

The Secura Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser is an excellent choice for a stylish premium option. This unit is entirely battery-operated (4 AA batteries), meaning that you don’t need any cords or anything of that nature. Additionally, it is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about frying any of the components.

On the unit there is an ON/OFF switch so you can turn the touchless feature on or off. And, there is volume adjustment buttons to adjust the flow rate of the dispenser (0.03-0.19 oz. per activation). The built-in IR sensor can detect your hand up to 2.75 inches away.

For style, this specific color is a Dark Gunmetal Gray. It looks incredibly good and feels fairly premium. Additionally, the soap container is clear, so you can put whatever colored soap in it that you want.

Hanamichi Touchless Soap Dispenser


Quick Points

  • 13 oz. container capacity
  • Sleek design
  • Battery powered
  • Touchless
  • Adjustable flow rate

The Hanamichi Soap Dispenser is a touchless battery operated unit that can be mounted pretty much anywhere. They use the latest infrared motion and PIR sensor to help get your soap dispensed quicker.

Additionally, the volume of this soap dispenser is 13.5 oz. They include a rate adjustment switch so you can control the volume of liquid dispensed from 0.5 to 3 mL. Hanamichi also claims that their technology allows for no dripping or trailing, meaning that you don’t waste any soap!

The unit is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet by the sink. In addition, the base includes a rubber seal to help prevent any damage to the battery compartment. This also means you don’t need a screw driver to access the batteries (AAA batteries).

Finally the build of this soap dispenser by Hanamichi is really good. It is made of high quality ABS and PC plastic. And, they include an upgraded motor to offer more stability, longevity and quality of actual usage.

EUDORS Automatic Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser


Quick Points

  • 10.6 oz. container capacity
  • Modern design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Foaming
  • Touchless

Next we have the EUDORS Automatic Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser. Why is this one unique? Well, because it’s the best on our list for a foaming soap dispenser. In addition, the EUDORS Soap Dispenser also features a rechargeable battery.

Firstly, it has a built-in PIR and infrared motion detection technology. It also features a rechargeable included battery. This battery is easily re-charged with a USB Type-C charger, and has an lifespan of up to 3 months (with 5 people use). Not only does this help to reduce the amount of time you need to change the batteries, it also helps you save money on batteries.

The entire unit is completely waterproof and leak proof. It has a rubber seal to protect all of the electronic components which means you are able to use it in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere where it might get wet.

Additionally, they include a temperature screen that allows you to view the water temperature. Along with the LED display, the actual design is very modern and should fit in with pretty much about any style. It also comes in two colors (blue or white).

Finally, the coolest feature of the EUDORS Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser is that it foams! This is entirely unique to this unique and really makes for an awesome hand-washing experience.

Final Thoughts


So, what is our favorite for the Best Automatic Soap Dispenser? In our opinion, the EUDORS Foaming Soap Dispenser is an awesome choice!

It looks very modern, has a really cool LED display, foams your soap, and features an easy-to-use rechargeable battery. All of these things really help to elevate it above the rest of the competition, and make it our top choice!

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