Best Amazon iPhone Charger Alternatives

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What is an iPhone Charger?


Lightning is a propriety computer bus and power connector that is more commonly referred to as an “iPhone Charger”. Apple introduced this technology on September 12, 2012. It replaced the older 30-pin connector that Apple had previously used in it’s devices.


The newer 8-pin Lightning connection was set to take over as a data bus and power connection for Apple’s upcoming mobile devices. Although the connector only needs 8-pins, it featured 16 so that you could fully reverse the connector.


The Lightning connector allows you to connect various other interfaces to your Apple devices. Official lightning connectors are supposed to contain an authentication chip. This chip is intended to make it difficult for third-party manufacturers to reproduce these lightning cords. However, manufacturers have successfully recreated iPhone charging cables.

What is the Difference Between Certified Lightning vs Uncertified Lightning Cables?

Not MFi-Certified.

Apple has a great article on identifying “fake” iPhone charging cables. But, basically it is because they aren’t MFi-Certfied. MFi-Certified cables go through Apple’s compliance tests checking for safety, durability, and compatibility. While most, MFi-Certified iPhone chargers can be extremely expensive, they all aren’t.

Why aren’t all MFi-Certified lightning cables expensive? Well, because a lot of competitors will fake or bypass the certification. Does this mean that they are not worth it? Absolutely not!

Some of these Amazon iPhone chargers are awesome. They are typically built from good quality cording and perform adequately, especially for the price. Additionally, the Amazon USB charging blocks perform well too.

Amazon iPhone Charging Brick

For USB charging bricks, we’d recommend two Apple alternatives; Anker and CableLovers.

Anker USB Charging Block Brick


The Anker USB Wall Charger is a great option for USB charging your iPhone. It has PowerIQ technology that detects your device and adjusts voltage accordingly. This technology allows for an optimized charge.

CableLovers USB Charging Block Brick


The CableLovers USB Wall Charger is an awesome option because it is about half the price of the Anker offering. This charging brick does not offer the same technology as the Anker, but is a 5V 1A offering.

Amazon iPhone Charger Options

What is the best Amazon iPhone Charger that isn’t Apple brand? Well, to answer that I have to tell you how we’re judging “the best”.

Apple devices that utilize the Lightning connection.

A lot of the iPhone chargers on Amazon don’t compete directly with some of the premium offerings. However, their price definitely makes them worth it.

I personally have purchased Apple-branded iPhone chargers that work extremely well. But, they fall apart after 6 months of heavy use. I have also purchased a 10-foot iPhone charger on Amazon that has lasted me over 2-3 years of every-night use.

To make things quick and easy, I have organized the best chargers into categories.

Apple iPhone Charger Clone


This MFi Certified Apple iPhone Charger is sold by Veetone. Veetone’s iPhone charger has the MFi certification chip and guarantees compatibility. This cable also includes a 24-month (2-year) warranty. They say it has a lifespan of over 5,000 bends and is more durable than anything else on the market.

The best part about this cable is that it looks identical to an Apple-branded iPhone lightning cable.

Best AmazonBasics Lightning Cable


The AmazonBasics nylon lightning cable is an excellent choice for an Amazon iPhone charger. It is guaranteed Apple MFi certified charging and syncing. In addition, it has a 4,000 bend, 1-year warranty. The downside, these can be pricey compared to some of the other offerings. The charger comes in a variety of sizes, colors and quantities.


The AmazonBasics Lightning to USB A cable is another awesome Amazon iPhone charger. This particular cable is part of Amazon’s “Advanced Collection”. It is similar to the Nylon cable except that it features a 2-year warranty and will withstand 10,000 bends.

One other exceptional premium offering that is 30,000 bends-proof is the Anker iPhone charger cable. It is a phenomenal product if you are willing to spend a bit more money!

HOVAMP iPhone Charger


The HOVAMP Amazon iPhone charger 5-pack is an excellent value option. HOVAMP provides great durability with 10,000+ bends and offers fast-charging as well. This pack comes with 5 cables of varying lengths (3ft x2, 6ft x2, 10ft). HOVAMP have a 12-month (1-year) warranty.

Cabepow iPhone Charger Cable


Finally, my favorite Amazon iPhone charger cord, the Cabepow Lightning cable.

The Cabepow lightning cable comes in several colors and varying lengths. But, the option I usually go for is the black 10-foot 3-pack. I use this specific set everyday.

This is the best Amazon iPhone charger I have ever come across. The material they use is excellent. It provides a strong, rubbery grip and seems extremely durable. They claim a 10,000+ bend test and even take it one step further.

Cabepow doesn’t allow you to data transfer through the cable, just power. This ensures that power delivery is efficient, stable and reinforced. The cables are also tangle free and double-shielded.

In addition, it is a Lifeproof compatible charger. It can be difficult to find an iPhone charger that will fit a Lifeproof case, but this one does!

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