Best Automatic Espresso Machine Under $1000

What is the Best Automatic Espresso Machine Under $1000? That is the question we’re here to answer. Today we’ll be taking a look at the top choices for automatic espresso machines and which one you should add to your kitchen.

When it comes to automatic espresso machines there are a few different types. We’ll be going over the different types, which ones work well, and the features of each. Additionally, we’ll be giving you our opinion on purchase options along with our buying decision.

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What is an Automatic Espresso Machine?

An automatic espresso machine brews coffee by forcing extremely hot water through a puck of ground coffee. The result, in turn, is a thick, concentrated coffee known as espresso (source). There are a lot of moving parts and different pieces to an espresso machine, however the end result is quite simple.

Automatic vs Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

What is the difference between automatic vs semi-automatic espresso machines? Semi-automatic espresso machines have manual levels to activate the pistons. Automatic espresso machines are very similar however, you don’t have to press the coffee again, because there is an internal timer that controls the flow.

While there are significant other differences between automatic and semi-automatic, the main for our purposes is that automatics are simple and straightforward. You do have more control with a semi-automatic, however for what we would use it for, then it’s perfect.

If you’re interested in a more complex brew, then check out this article from JavaPresse, they explain it better than we do!

What is the Best Automatic Espresso Machine Under $1000?

Today we’ll be looking at two of the best examples that we could find under $1000. These are the Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine and the De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Machine.

In this review, we’ll take a look at each espresso machine’s features, along with their performance, and which one we would recommend.

Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine


Starting off with the Philips 3200 Series Automatic Espresso Machine. Firstly, you can choose from up to 5 different types of coffee. Using the touch display you can choose exactly what type you want! There is a 12-step grinder adjustment that uses very durable ceramic grinders. With these grinders, they support around 20,000 or more cups of coffee. Additionally, there is an aroma seal to help keep your beans fresher for longer. And, up to 5,000 cups of coffee made without descaling using AquaClean. Finally, all of the parts are dishwasher safe.


Making coffee with the Philips 3200 is simple and only takes around 15 seconds. You can make Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccinos, and Latte Macchiato. The LatteGo tops milk varieties with a silky froth. In addition, this milk system can easily be cleaned when you need to. The 12-step grinder adjustment allows you to turn your beans into ultra-fine powder or more coarse pieces.

De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Machine


Next up is the De’Longhi ESAM3300 Automatic Espresso Machine. This machine features up to 13-adjustable grinder settings for your own personal touch. Additionally, there is a manual frother that mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth. The machine itself is easy to clean with it’s compact, extractable brewing unit. There are 5 different options: espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot water, and Americano. And, you can do single or double shot espresso’s. The touch interface allows you to easily control exactly what type of brew you want!


Final Thoughts

When it comes to the Best Automatic Espresso Machine Under $1000, we highly recommend choosing one of these two options. They both provide a high-grade experience while delivering a delicious cup of coffee.

While this review is a bit outside of our typical comfort zone, we were very happy while using both machines. They both provide quality, simple experiences that allow you to have a professional cup of coffee at home!

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