Asiahorse RGB Fans Review: Good Enough for an AIO Cooler?

Asiahorse FS-9002 RGB Fans


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If you have been looking at getting RGB, ARGB, PWM or high-performance fans for your next gaming build, you might realize that they can be rather pricey. However, if you look hard enough, you might find something like the Apevia RGB fans. These fans provide incredible value at an affordable price.

However, they have one issue, they aren’t optimized for static pressure or as radiator fans. They look incredible, but don’t provide that extra static pressure to be able to cool an overclocked processor with an AIO cooler. AIO water coolers provide excellent cooling support provided you have the right fans. Most AIO’s don’t come with very “good looking” fans because they’re optimized for performance.

However, this is exactly where the Asiahorse RGB fans come in. They not only look great, but are optimized for performance as well. And, the best part, they are extremely affordable!

So, the biggest question we’ll be looking to answer in this review is: are the Asiahorse RGB fans good enough for an AIO water cooler?

Asiahorse FS-9002 RGB Fan Features


Starting off, the Asiahorse FS-9002 RGB case fans are 120mm and designed to be used with a gaming PC (or performance PC). They are ARGB and PWM controlled fans with an included controller.

RGB Lighting

Firstly, the most important part of an case fan – RGB lighting. This is something that the Asiahorse fans excel at because of their ARGB 5V motherboard connection. With ARGB connection you can synchronize your motherboard’s lighting controllers (AURA Sync, RGB Fusion, Mystic Light, etc.) to completely control the fans lighting.

This means that you can individually control the fan LED’s completely to your liking. You can customize your own effects, lighting controls and colors as long as your motherboard supports it. However, if your motherboard doesn’t, you can use the included ARGB controller to control lighting and effects.

With the included controller there are 4 preset colors, a bunch of rainbow settings and hundreds of other effects. The LEDs can run at 4 different speeds and brightness levels.

In addition, the Asiahorse RGB fans have 20 lights on the outer frame and 8 lights on the inner frame. This totals 28 very bright LED lights that you can use for your lighting setup.

Build Quality

The fans are made out of a high-quality feeling plastic. It is lightweight, but at the same time feels extremely durable and premium. The corners have rubber mounting points to not only reduce vibration, but decrease noise levels. This could also potentially increase the life expectancy of the fans.

Asiahorse uses a hydraulic bearing. Hydraulic bearings use self-lubricating friction-reducing fluid to help the fan spin flawlessly. This accounts for quiet fans, well-performing fans, and long-lasting fans.

Finally, the LEDs are made from gold wire material. This material should effectively reduce LED exhaustion and therefore keep the LED as bright as it can be for as long as possible.

PWM Control & Performance

Next up is the PWM or pulsed width modulation control. PWM controllers allow your motherboard to completely control how fast the fans spin. This means that you can program different fan curves within your motherboard’s bios for complete customization.

Custom fan curves help to increase performance, reduce fan noise and decrease the amount of time the fans need to spin. PWM can be rare to find on budget RGB fans due to the increased cost. However, the Asiahorse fans don’t sacrifice PWM control for cost.

But, if your motherboard doesn’t have a PWM header (which most should), you can press the “w” key on the remote to control fan speed with the remote. This allows you to use the remote instead of your motherboard.

Final Verdict

So are the Asiahorse RGB fans (FS-9002) worth it? We would say absolutely. They are awesome looking RGB fans.

While they might not have the absolute best static performance, they do provide excellent performance for the price. In addition, their RGB lighting and effects are superb. They look absolutely phenominal.

The actual performance of the fans is pretty good. They do well to cool and keep cool pretty much all of the components in our test rig. However, do they work as AIO water cooler fans? YES. We used the Asiahorse FS-9002 RGB fans with our Corsair H100i liquid cooler and they worked.

They aren’t really meant to be true static performance fans, but their airflow and CFM is good enough to keep cool our 7700K processor. It isn’t heavily overclocked, but most experienced overclockers might want to spend more money on fans anyways.

For the average, budget or even above-average PC builder, these case fans will work perfect for most builds. They have PWM control, ARGB lighting and look incredible. 3 reasons why you should be picking these fans up for your next PC build.

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