ANZZI Shower Panel Review

ANZZI Shower Panel


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Today we’ll be reviewing the ANZZI Shower Panel. This is a full body massaging 3-jet shower panel system complete with a heavy rain shower and detachable wand.

Earlier this month made a guide to the Best LED Rainfall Shower Head. So, if you’re interested in some other options, check it out. However, today we’ll be looking at this one by ANZZI. Easily one of the things we like most about it is the expansive color offerings. They have several different styles, colors and finishes to choose from making it incredibly easy to fit your own style.

There’s a lot to go over, but we’ll mostly be focusing on the features, build quality, performance and our final thoughts.

With that being said, let’s get into it!

Build Quality


Starting off with the build quality of the ANZZI Shower Panel. Firstly, it is approximately 66 inches by 18 inches by 8 inches in size. The main body is made from a RHINO ALLOY certified 304 stainless steel. Additionally, it has some high-grade ABS components in it. While the body is metal, most of the other components are made from ABS plastic. The frame of the shower panel is made from lightweight aluminum. This means that you shouldn’t have trouble mounting the body on your wall.


In our opinion, the build quality is acceptable. Quite honestly, you won’t really be interacting with a lot of the materials besides the knobs and wand. The wand is a plastic material that is subpar, however, for us we didn’t really end up using it. The most-used portions (for us and other users), had no issues from a quality control standpoint.



As far as features go, there are several that are included with this shower panel. First, there are 3 acu-stream body jets that provide a relaxing, but powerful stream. These help to not only massage your muscles and body, but clean dirt off as well. Next, the rainfall shower head uses a heavy rain technology to provide a high-pressure experience.

Additionally, the Euro-Grip handheld sprayer features a 60-inch reach for those tough-to-reach places. It provides a steady stream with standard 1/2-inch supply hoses, and allows for a simple shower. It is perfect for cleaning feet or your back.

Finally, there is a lifetime warranty from ANZZI. They will replace any unit with malfunctioning pieces or parts. Their customer service has a strong reputation for helping their customers.

Final Thoughts


In the end, is the ANZZI Shower Panel worth the price? As far as performance is concerned, you get a lot for your money. You get a fairly well-built unit with a lot of premium features. These features allow you to have a spa-like shower experience while staying under your bathroom renovation budget.

While it’s not the best product on the market, it definitely provides a lot of value for the price point. And, if you’re looking for a more budget oriented shower panel, then ANZZI’s is the way to go!

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