Anidees AI Crystal Cube Gaming Case Review

Anidees AI Crystal Cube Case


Build Quality









  • Included RGB fans and LED strips are awesome
  • Big case with support for a lot of different configurations
  • A lot of room for airflow


  • Big case, takes of a lot of room
  • With all the fan slots filled (depending on the fans used), the fans can get noisy

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The Setup Guru –

Every knows that when you’re building a custom gaming PC, you need the right components. Whether you are focusing on color coordination, performance coordination or a combination of the two the first thing you should always start with is the case.

A good gaming computer always has a chassis that supports your vision. Most of the time, PC gaming cases will maximize performance while maintaining aesthetics. With the Anidees AI Crystal Cube, you get a custom gaming case with included RGB fans and RGB LED strips along with enough room for maximum cooling performance.

Features of the AI Crystal Cube


The Anidees AI Crystal Cube case is a EATX ATX PC gaming chassis. It has a mid-tower format in a cube shaped case. The AI Crystal Cube can support E-AT, ATX, m-ATX, and mini-ITX motherboards.

In addition, the case has tempered glass side panels. The AI Crystal Cube tempered glass side panel is 5mm thick and is tinted. The tint let’s about 70% of light through making it a very usable and aesthetically pleasing tinted glass.

Along with aesthetics, the AI Crystal Cube comes equipped with 5 Anidees AI Tesseract Duo fans. We will have a separate review on these fans soon, but you just need to know that they are awesome! The Tesseract Duos are 120mm and full of RGB goodness. They are supported by PWM control and the LED RGB effects are controlled by either a remote or your motherboard. They can plug into an ARGB (5V 3-pin) header and be customized by ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and GIGABYTE RGB Fusion or Fusion 2.0.

Anidees also includes two of their RGB lighting strips with the AI Crystal Cube case. The RGB strip is similar to the fans and controlled in the same fashion.

In addition to RGB lighting and fan performance, the Anidees AI Crystal Cube is able to support many water cooling setups. However, I would highly recommend double-checking your water cooling measurements before deciding on where to mount components.

AI Crystal Cube Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS – 402 x 311 x 404mm / 15.82 x 12.24 x 15.9 inches
  • 3.5? DRIVES – 3
  • 2.5? DRIVES – 6 (2 from 3.5?HDD bracket)
    • Front – 140mm x 2 , 80mm x 3(optional) / 4 x 120mm RGB Fans with Fan Bracket (included)
    • Rear – 120mm RGB Fan x 1 (included) Top:140mm x2 /120mm x 4 (optional) Bottom:120mm x 1 (optional)



The Anidees AI-Crystal Cube V2 case is very high quality and the build quality is top notch. I was extremely impressed with the presence of several premium features. It comes with extra mounting components (screws and zip-ties) along with pre-installed standoff screws.

The Cube was easy to build in and when I added 3 extra RGB fans to the case, it had excellent airflow. The large mesh front panel provides enough space for the fans to get adequate air. There is also plenty of room to route cables in order to prevent them from blocking the fan channels.

The case fans are quiet, however, when I had all spots filled, they were audible. The RGB strips are magnetic and have 3M adhesive for more permanent mounting.

The manual for the case can be a bit confusing at times, especially for new builders. But, experienced builders should have no issues. New builders, I would recommend just following a build guide when building.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the Anidees AI Crystal Cube gaming case is an excellent choice for buyers. The case provides adequate airflow, performance, build quality and aesthetics.

I would highly recommend the Crystal Cube for experienced builders and new builders alike. However, I would just recommend new builders following their motherboards instructionally manual along with a PC building guide.

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